The Perfect Gifts for a Second-Time Mom

Do you have a friend who’s expecting their second child? Whether you’re planning a shower or just want to offer your love and support, shopping for kid number two (or three!) can look a little different than preparing for the first baby. Fortunately, there are plenty of gifts that any second-time mama would be thrilled to receive.

Lots of Diapers and Wipes

One thing every mom and baby needs is a steady supply of diapers and wipes. This necessity can take a dent out of any budget, so it’s a practical gift idea that’s sure to be appreciated. If you’re throwing a shower or sprinkle, assign sizes to different guests to ensure mom gets a good variety.

Some Fresh Feeding Supplies

Whether the firstborn is much older or close in age to their new sibling, there’s a good chance their feeding supplies need to be updated or replaced. New bottle nipples and spoons that aren’t covered in stains and teeth marks could be greatly appreciated. For nursing moms, milk storage bags, ointment and cleansing wipes are a great option.

Cute New Clothes

Every kid needs clothes and if the new baby is a different gender than their sibling, some cute shoes and outfits are an excellent gift idea. Shopping at a baby clothes online boutique can help make the process easier from start to finish. Even if mom is expecting the same gender for the second time, it can be special and fun to have a few new and unique outfits for baby number two.

Food Delivery Gift Cards

With more kids to love and care for, postpartum recovery can be extra stressful and exhausting. Help eliminate some of the work by giving parents a food delivery gift card. With this option, they can choose whatever they’re craving without the hassle of shopping, prep work and cleanup.

A Stockpile of Supplies

You can never have too much of some baby essentials. Consider a gift basket that helps mom stock up on all of those necessary supplies that she’ll need for her new little one. Include options like:

  • Rash cream
  • Baby wash
  • Lotion
  • Gas drops
  • Pain reliever
  • Pacifiers

Helping her start out with a stockpile can prevent late-night trips to the store for these frequently used items.

A Second Stash of Bibs

Plenty of baby gear and supplies are sturdy enough to last through multiple children. However, bibs can take some serious abuse, even after just a few uses. A new stash of fresh, clean bibs is a great gift idea. That way, moms won’t have to hang on to older ones that are severely stained or faded.

Free Babysitting

Show your support by offering a complimentary childcare session for whatever your friend may need. Whether it’s a date night or just relaxing at home by herself, every mom needs some time to take a break and recharge while caring for little ones. This gift idea is also perfect for any budget, and just as valuable as a pricey purchase.

Even accomplished moms need a little extra support when a new baby is on the way. Consider these gift ideas to show some love to a second-time mom in your life!

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