The Need for Speed: How to Check Your Network Connection


Is your wifi running a little slower than it should? Here’s a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to test your network connection.


The average internet speed in the United States is 93.98 Mbps.

A slow network can affect the loading speed of your site. It can also make syncing hard and interfere with the downloading and uploading processes.

All these effects may turn off your potential clients and bring in massive losses.

You should check your network connection regularly to prevent these problems and keep your site fast throughout. If speed is of the essence to your business, follow this guide to check your network’s performance metrics.

Testing the Network Connection Speed

You can use multiple web services to check the current performance of your home network. The primary tools which you may use include or These tools provide detailed information on how much internet you use on downloads and uploads.

Do the following things before you carry out the network connection test:

  • Ensure that the PC or the device you are using is not downloading anything at that time
  • Disable all the other connections on other devices, except for the device that you are using
  • Run the speed test using your desired tool

Alternatively, you may check the network speed by using this simple process. Go to the start button of your computer, select the settings options, choose network and internet, and check the status.

Start> settings> network and internet> status

Testing Results

The testing tool will display the results inform of the upload speed and download speed. The advanced testers might show more details, including the IP address of your home network and the ISP.

It’s normal to find out the download speed is higher than the upload speed. Even if you don’t download many things, the chances are that your devices download many automatic videos and apps that could contribute to the high data consumption.

What Do the Network Connectivity Test Results Mean?

The testing tools display the results in the form of upload speed, download speed, latency, packet loss, and so on. These results might be confusing to a non-tech user.

Here is a brief explanation of what they mean:

Upload Speed

The upload speed shows the rate at which your home network sends data to the testers’ servers. If the speed is high, you will send emails quickly, make voice calls with ease, and update photos on social media places with ease.

In short, all uploads you make will be faster.

Download Speed

This is the speed of transmitting data from the testing server to your home network. High speed means that you will download your online videos with ease; you will stream live with ease, and so on. Both the download and upload speed are measured oh Mbps.


The latency is also known as the ping. It refers to the speed of transferring data from one computer to the other using the same network. The latency is measured in milliseconds. You may click on this link to see how to ping on Mac device

Packet Loss

The advanced testing tools may show the packet loss information on the test results. The term shows the amount of data that is lost in the virtual packets.

If the packet loss is high, you will probably experience problems watching your live games and doing other things online.

The Best Mbps for Online Activities

Now that you know how to carry out the network connection test, it’s important to know the ideal Mbps for each activity. Each internet provider advertises its internet plans with unique Mbps.

Some might be true, and others might be untrue. Hence, you should compare the mentioned Mbps to the test results. For instance, the download speed you get should be in line with that of the service provider.

The minimum connection is the 1Mbps, which is ideal for the texts and emails which require low internet. If you need high-quality HD videos, you should consider the 10Mbps or 25Mbps, which guarantees the best 4K HD videos.

How to Improve Your Speed

The results you get from the test could sometimes imply a problem. Try these tips to improve the speed and check network connection:

Check Your Local Network

Sometimes, the internet woes you face could be coming from the Local Area Network (LAN). The local network issues could be a result of the cabling system or the connections you make to your home network.

For instance, if the wifi is not working, then you might have the wrong AP. Similarly, the AP may be too old for your connections. If you depend on the local network for your home connections, make sure that the Apps are in excellent working condition.

A networking guru can help you solve the issues. You might also solve the issues by using an Android app known as the Network Analyzer Pro.

Use Another Router/Modem

Your modem or router could be having technical connection problems. Try using another device to see if the issues will be solved. Avoid second-hand devices because they might be faulty. Buy modern ones because they are more effective.

Scan for Viruses

Viruses and other programs may interfere with the speed of your device. No matter how much you try, you will probably face the same issues as long as the viruses are present. Use the best antivirus anti-software to remove the virus.

Here are other effective tactics that you may try:

  • Reposition the router
  • Block the unnecessary ads
  • Negotiate with your internet provider
  • Check your internet provider
  • Avoid network obstructions and protect your wifi

You may also consider replacing your Mac device or PC. The old devices are not compatible with modern internet devices, which might contribute to a slow speed.

Say No to Low Speed

A slow network connection can be frustrating. It can also cost you millions, mostly if you depend on it for business. Run an internet speed test using the above procedure, and involve an expert if need be. Find immediate strategies if the speed is too low to cope with.

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