The Most Popular Tours in Portugal



Looking forward to spending your summer in Portugal? Then you have made the right decision. Portugal has become a holiday destination for tourists globally. From recent studies, Portugal has become the best country of choice in Europe. That was different ten years ago. They were struggling both financially and politically. With stability now, everyone wants to visit this beautiful country. Recently, Portugal has hit the world stage in different areas like becoming 2018 World’s best holiday destination and sports having won the major European soccer tournament.

So, with such reasons to visit Portugal, what are the most popular tours for you while in Portugal?

Golf in Algarve

You are a golf enthusiast and would love to spend your vacation the best golf courses. And where is the best place to find the best golf courses in Europe than in Portugal? Both the young and the old can get to play golf while in Portugal. While in Algarve you can get to partner with Algarve golf tours for the best golf packages to your dream golf courses.

Additionally, you can receive discounts when you work with them. So, what are you waiting for? To have a perfect golf trip then visit Portugal.

Historic Palaces and Castles in Sintra

Located in the greater Lisbon region, Sintra is a famous town because of ancient palaces and castles. If you are an enthusiast of Portugal’s history, then you would like to visit the unique and pulsating castles and palaces ancient monarchs of Portugal used to stay in. The Pena Palace, Castelo dos Mouros. Quinta da Regaleira, Pálácio da Moserrate, Sintra National Palace, and Cabo da Roca are some of the palaces and castles you must tour while in Sintra, Portugal. So, to enjoy your holidays make a date to visit Sintra. And see for yourself the fantastic designs of the above and many more castles and palaces.


Found in Costa da Prata is one of the best tourist’s destinations for you while in Portugal. One of the things that makes Nazaré a tour site for you is the Sitio, Praia, and Pederneira some of the exclusive and unique neighborhoods. The Sitio is a village sitting on top of a cliff. The Praia is a village on the coastline while Pederneira is found on a hilltop.

Furthermore, if you love surfing this is the best place in Portugal do surf. Therefore, what is still making you not to go to Portugal? With such amazing scenes in Nazaré, your holiday will be the best.

Beaches in Lagos

Portugal is the home of the best beaches in Europe. Thus, spending your time on a beach is what you want during your holidays. Sun basking, walking on sand, and spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean are what you want. And to get the spend your time in the best beaches then go to Lagos. It has incredible beaches like:

  • Praia dona Ana
  • Praia de Porto de Mos
  • Praia do Camilo

Another place you must visit is the Ponta da Piedade. It has the best views of the ocean cause of massive rock creations. Also, don’t forget to visit the Lagos Old Town Square and the historic part of Lagos. Additionally, eat and drink in the best restaurant in Lagos.


Ooh Me! Porto has everything you would love to interact with during your vacation. From museums, towers, bridges, ancient churches, palaces, music arenas, and many wonderful things are found in Porto. Thus, to see modern and ancient sceneries going to Porto, Portugal is what you need to do. Be sure to get more amazing moments while in Porto.


Your holidays need to be the best, and that will make you stress-free. Why not tour Portugal to get the best time of your life? The above are some parts of Portugal you can visit. Adios as you plan on visiting Portugal.




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