The Most Common LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery Mistakes


So you just got your LASIK in Seattle, and now you are in the recovery stage. This kind of eye surgery is quite popular and often praised for the quick recovery. However, just because the procedure is so short and simple doesn’t mean you should take the recovery process any less seriously as you would the recovery process of a more complicated procedure. Just like with any other surgical procedure, if you do not follow the proper protocol after your LASIK, you are likely to experience side effects and complications.

The process of recovery from LASIK surgery is not necessarily difficult, but that does not mean that it should not be taken seriously. Remember that your cornea has undergone an incision and needs to heal. That means it is going to be especially sensitive during the recovery period to any pressure, including rubbing and hitting. You should, therefore, avoid taking part in activities that increase the likelihood of trauma to your eye. You should also religiously take the regimen of lubricating and medicated eye drops that are prescribed by your surgeon.

Common LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery Mistakes


Skipping the Medicated Eye Drops

If you miss a scheduled eye drop just once because you genuinely forgot, then don’t beat yourself up about it. However, you should not miss them frequently because it can be bad for your eyes. If you have to set the alarm to stay on top of your eye drops, then do it but make sure you stay on top of your regimen.

Using the Wrong Lubricating Eye Drops

Doctors recommend that you use lubricating eye drops that are free of preservatives. These are more likely to keep your eyes comfortable during the recovery procedure. To be on the safe side, stick to the brand that your doctor recommends.

Neglecting Sunglasses

You should always wear sunglasses when you’re outside in intense sunlight. However, this is most pertinent when you are recovering from LASIK eye surgery because this is when your eyes are at their most sensitive. Wear polarized sunglasses and try to go for wraparound glasses that protect the corners of your eyes as well.

Eye Rubbing

Remember that your cornea is especially sensitive to pressure during the recovery phase. The LASIK procedure involves removing a flap off the top of the cornea and then putting it back in place after the surgery. If you rub your eyes, you increase the probability of that flap getting dislodged, which can seriously damage your cornea and maybe even permanently damage your eyesight.

Skipping Appointments

You are going to have follow-up appointments after the surgery. They may get tiring and start to feel like a waste of time. However, they are anything but a waste of time. These appointments give your eye surgeon the opportunity to track the healing process and make sure your eyes are healing properly. They are also an opportunity for you to voice your concerns to the surgeon.

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