Romantic Holiday Destinations in Europe



If you’re thinking about taking a romantic holiday in Europe, you’re in for a real treat. Europe has many romantic destinations and is, therefore, the ideal place to visit. However, if you’re planning a romantic holiday you may want to consider visiting one of the destinations below rather than just booking a holiday to anywhere. The destinations listed below are some of Europe’s most romantic places which mean you’re more likely to have a wonderful time away.


Paris, France


Paris has to be one of the most romantic destinations in the world and is the ideal destination for couples who want to enjoy some much-needed alone time. It is home to some very romantic walks, incredible restaurants and an air of romance. Paris is the ideal location if you wish to propose to your loved one or simply enjoy time away somewhere very special.


Don’t forget to make your way to the Eiffel Tower, the ideal destination if you wish to propose to the person you love.


Sintra, Portugal


Located between the sea and the mountains, Sintra is a wonderful place that’s just waiting to be discovered. Home of 18th and 19th century writers who got a lot of inspiration from the area, Sintra exudes romance. Take your loved one to Sintra and sit on a dock looking over the sea. It’s a wonderful way to time alone somewhere truly special.


Biarritz, France


Many people are happy to visit Paris for a truly romantic holiday meaning Biarritz is often overlooked. This part of the world is almost accidentally luxurious and is home to a wonderful climate, stunning views and amazing rocky outcrops. If you’re looking for cheap deals for couples Biarritz may be the ideal place to visit.


Florence, Italy


A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Florence is a stunning city that is home to amazing history, gorgeous views and tasty local dishes. Make your way along some of the narrow streets, enjoy the Pitti Palace which was built in the 16th century and enjoy being somewhere historical, beautiful and very romantic.


Santorini, Greece


While you may not automatically think of Santorini when you’re planning a romantic holiday it’s the ideal location. This part of Greece has crystal clear waters, beautiful buildings and a sunset that is nothing short of romantic. Santorini is also the ideal wedding destination which you may want to keep in mind if you’re thinking of getting married.


Bruges, Belgium


Bruges is definitely a beautiful place to visit, although you may not automatically think of Bruges when booking a romantic holiday it does have a lot to offer. Enjoy a walk over Minnewater Bridge and the ‘Lake of Love’. Take a trip to Hof De Jonghe, a lovely picnic spot where you may see the occasional sheep grazing underneath one of the many apple trees.



Europe is home to some amazing cities that are more romantic than you may have realized. If you’re planning a romantic trip, consider going to one or more of the above cities, you will not be disappointed.

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