The Increasing Popularity of Timber Fencing for Commercial Properties



Industrial and commercial properties benefit significantly from high-quality safety, security, and privacy fencing. There are several reasons a property needs fencing, such as defining the property’s perimeter, providing privacy, protecting vital information, securing products and goods, and preventing unauthorized access. The choices of fencing materials are varied, and some materials are gaining popularity among commercial property owners.


The beauty of timber fencing

Timber fencing has been used for a long time, and there is no question about the aesthetic appeal of timber. Typically, you find timber fencing around supermarkets, business parks, schools, farms, and residential properties. But in recent years, developers have been choosing timber fences for a range of commercial properties, used in combination with metal fencing or as an alternative. 


Metal fencing is more durable, but arguably, high-quality timber is long-lasting. One factor that could affect the option to use timber fencing is its unsuitability for high-security areas. In this aspect, metal fencing wins easily. However, metal fencing lacks the natural and subtle look of timber. Usually, the wood blends well with the locale, providing beautiful surroundings without overpowering the other features on the property. For security fencing contractors like Fencing Contractors Nottingham, timber fencing is an excellent choice if the commercial property is close to residential buildings and complexes. 


Concrete or timber posts

Some contractors and property owners typically choose concrete posts because they believe they are easier to maintain and are more durable. In addition, concrete is impermeable, so rot and mold cannot penetrate the material quickly. They are also heavy and can withstand high winds. 


On the other hand, adequately treated posts and fence panels are durable and can last more than 20 years. They are also perfect for residential properties, so visit website for home renovation and remodeling ideas where timber fences would be ideal.  


Different types of wood fencing

What is vital when you choose timber fencing for your security and privacy needs is to choose the right type. A good choice is feather board fencing. This type of fencing material is versatile and gives you a neutral look that will last for several years. You typically choose this when you want to screen off unsightly or sensitive areas.


If you only need to mark specific boundaries without requiring higher privacy or security levels, choose timber demarcation fencing or timber palisade. Diamond or knee rail fencing is an excellent choice for car parks. 


You can increase privacy around the property with pressure-treated close board fencing or panel fencing. Closeboard fencing has overlapping vertical panels for improved privacy and security. On the other hand, panel fencing is perfect for added beauty and durability, as well as privacy and security. You can add elegance to the surroundings with redwood timber fencing. Its natural color gives a sense of class. Moreover, redwood is resistant to insects and rot. Stainless steel or heavy-duty aluminum railings secure the timber panels to wooden or concrete posts. 


Modern technology gives wood additional strength and durability. If your commercial property is in a low-risk area, consider installing timber fencing. It secures your property and ensures its privacy.