The Importance of Sharing a Bed with Your Partner



Cover-hogging and snoring aside, studies indicate that couples who share the same bed enjoy multiple health benefits. You don’t necessarily have to stay snug in each other’s arms throughout the night, but being able to reach out and touch your partner will naturally make you feel better about your life. To strengthen your bond with your partner, you can do other things in bed, such as watching a movie or having breakfast.


To have a good time in bed with the one you love, you should guarantee that the space looks and feels more inviting. Firstly, you should ensure that you own the best mattress for sex to be experienced more comfortably. Also, you should make your bed using; luxurious embroidered bedding sets, designer duvet, and cushion cover.


What Benefits Do You Get From Sleeping With Your Partner


1. More Restorative Sleep


Sleeping beside your lover makes you more prone to experiencing restorative sleep, which is crucial for brain health. Orgasms facilitate the release of a cocktail of chemicals such as; oxytocin, serotonin, prolactin, norepinephrine, and vasopressin, which act as sedatives for better sleep.


2. Falling Asleep Faster


10-20 minutes is the average amount of time you should take to fall asleep; when it takes you more than 30 minutes, your sleep efficiency drops considerably. It is natural to get caught up in your head and begin to overthink, but this mental activity makes it very difficult to fall asleep. However, sleeping next to your partner gives you a sense of security, which makes it easier for your mind and body to relax as you drift off to sleep.


3. Experiencing Better Sleep Quality


Achieving good sleep quality is almost impossible if you are lying in bed alone but sharing a bed with your partner makes it more practical. According to research conducted by the Assistant Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh, couples are more likely to fall asleep faster with fewer sleep disturbances in the night compared to singles.


4. Improving Your Immune System


Sharing a bed with your boyfriend/girlfriend often leads to sex which is brilliant for your health. Sexually active partners have fewer sick days and are more resistant to the flu and common colds because they produce more antibodies. Cuddling with your partner will have you high on oxytocin and boost your T-regulatory cells keeping your immune system strong and balanced.


5. Improved Relationships


Richard Wiseman, a Psychology Professor from the University of Hertfordshire, surveyed 1,000 individuals to determine whether snuggling up to your partner in bed has effects on your relationship. For this exercise, respondents had to divulge how close they slept and their relationship quality and rate their personalities. The results showed that skin-to-skin contact and proximity in bed and relationships are interlinked; the closer the couples are at night, the stronger their relationship.


6. Lowers Blood Pressure


Most people do not know that sleeping next to someone you love reduces the chances of getting life-threatening cardiovascular diseases. The University of North California carried out a sleep and intimacy research. The results indicated that those with the lowest blood pressure had the highest levels of oxytocin.


7. Reduced Anxiety

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Anxiety is a major cause of restless nights and the prevention of sleeping in the first place. Skin-on-skin contact often sends signals to your adrenal glands to prohibit them from producing cortisol. MRIs administered to married couples showed that they had high levels of anxiety, which significantly dropped once they held their partner’s hand, proving that having your partner in close proximity is great for your psychological well-being.


8. Slows Down Aging


Quality time, having sex, and cuddling have the ability to shed years off of you. Sleeping beside your partner is the simplest way to feel and look more youthful without depending on stacks of cosmetics. David Weeks, a Scottish neuropsychologist, wrote in Secrets of the Superyoung under these conditions, you will feel 10 years younger.


Winding Up


For many couples, bedtime presents an opportunity to check in with your partner before tiredness takes over. Co-sleeping and going to bed at the same time offer a relaxed ambiance for couples to share significant physical and emotional benefits.


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