The Difference Between Cartomancy And Tarot Card Reading

After centuries of being on the outskirts of society, psychics are finally becoming mainstream. With documentaries like The Goop Lab delving into everyone’s psychic abilities, mediums like Tyler Henry becoming well-known and respected, and the rise of online psychic services, far more people are getting on board with the concept.

However, there is still a lot of misinformation out there, and most of us don’t really know much about psychics at all. They can tell the future, but is that all they’re good for? And since they use a range of different techniques, are some better than others?

Two of the most popular psychic skills are cartomancy and tarot card reading. Both involve reading cards to determine what will happen in your future. But there’s more to it than that. Good psychics are excellent at reading people and providing practical guidance. They read the cards in your personal context, using what they know about your personality to understand what the cards are saying.

If you’re interested in getting one of these readings done, it is important to know the difference between tarot card reading and cartomancy.

Tarot Reading

Tarot card reading is one of the most well-recognized forms of psychic readings. Tarot cards come in large decks with a wide variety of different cards. Instead of the common suits on regular decks of cards, tarot cards have wands, pentacles, cups, and swords. There are the common jacks, which represent male energy in a tarot deck, as well as knights which aren’t found in regular decks of cards.

Tarot card readings generally focus on love and romance. If you want to know what your future love life holds for you, or need insight into a current relationship, tarot card readings are an excellent choice.

Cartomancy Reading

Cartomancy differs from tarot cards because it uses a regular deck of cards. The kings and queens represent male and female energies, and the jacks represent youthful, non-gendered energies. A Cartomancy reading generally offers an accuracy in the timing of the events, although it provides a less focused reading than tarot cards do. Instead of zeroing in on issues in your love life, it will give you a wider set of information.

Everyone can learn to do cartomancy readings, and you can use any deck of cards, whether new or used. However, the best psychics are particularly attuned to reading the signs, and will help you understand how it makes sense in your context. They will get a good sense of your energy, and use that as a guide as well. Furthermore, you’ll get useful advice and recommendations from them.


Carotmancy and tarot card readings are similar, but offer different types of information. Both will provide you with insight into the future, and when done by a good psychic, they will help you understand how you can best relate and adapt to what is coming.

You too can learn to do these readings for yourself, without too much study or financial investment. If you’re good at reading people in general, it’s certainly something you should consider.

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