How to Rekindle Romance and Keep the Flame Alive


Are you worried that your relationship is suffering and want to bring back the spark? Read this article to learn how to rekindle romance.


Almost 1 million couples get divorced on an annual basis. It’s likely that number, which is shared by the CDC, is higher given that not every state resorts divorce data. With all of the people finding their way apart every year, you may be wondering what you can do to hold your relationship together.


While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to how to rekindle romance, there are levers you can pull to give your love the best chance of succeeding. If you’re curious to know what those levers are, keep reading and prepare to find your passion!

1. Keep Trying New Things

Doing new things is what keeps relationships from going stale. Whether it’s surprising your lover with a flower subscription or changing your Saturday “Netflix Night” into a “night on the town,” anything you can do to change the dynamic in your relationship will go a long way. A lot of people find themselves afraid to experiment with routine changes for fear of their spontaneity being rejected. Don’t be one of those people! At the end of the day, being chastised for trying is never a bad thing. It also may clue you in on whether or not the relationship you’re in is truly right for you.

2. Share Your Appreciation

It’s easy to feel taken for granted when you’re in a long relationship. We’re willing to bet that you’ve felt unappreciated in several of your relationships. If you’re adamant about figuring out how to rekindle romance, start with making sure that your partner knows they’re important. You can do that by telling them that you love them and that you feel lucky to be with them. Appreciation breeds appreciation so don’t be surprised if your partner reciprocates your adoration later on!

3. Grow Together (Not Apart)

Life is a long journey, and on that journey, most people will undergo significant changes. If you want to keep your partner as things evolve in your life, clue them in on where you’re headed. Too many people take on new hobbies, friends, and ambitions without communicating those changes with their significant others. This creates feelings of suspicion and rejection. That breeds patterns where those feeling left out try to make their partners feel isolated and ultimately leads to growing apart.

4. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Physical Contact

A touch is worth a thousand words. Physical contact can shatter feelings of unwantedness and make a partner feel that their relationship is strong. If you want your partner to know that you care about them, reach out and grab their arm, hold their hand, put your arm over their shoulder. Anything that you can do to create physical contact will go a long way in solidifying your connection.


When we say “physical contact” a lot of people’s minds go straight to sex. Yes, sex is important and something we’ll talk more about in a moment. For this tip though, think of physical contact as something more friendly. Remember, every good intimate relationship is built on an even better friendship.

5. Celebrate Your Partner Publicly

If you’ve ever made a habit of bad-mouthing your partner behind their back, stop. Not only does bad-mouthing have a way of getting back to the person you’re talking about but it also chips away at your affection. Think about it, if you say one-hundred bad things about your partner whenever they’re away, would you feel better or worse about your relationship? For almost everyone, the answer is worse.

Rather than lamenting on things that you dislike about your loved one, celebrate the things that you adore. Focusing on positives rather than negatives will create feelings of goodwill and make you more vested in your relationship.

6. Always Check-In

No matter how intertwined you and your loved one are, there are elements of your lives that you’ll lead separately. And believe it or not, your partner is dying to talk about those things with you when you’re together. So, ask your partner how their day was. Listen intently. Don’t judge them but support them when they’re discussing problems with you. We know that inquiring about a loved one’s day sounds like a no-brainer. Still, you’d be surprised by how many people don’t take the time to do that which can make partners feel neglected.

7. Make Sex Special

You don’t have to be a love God to make sex special. All you have to do is take things slow, enjoy the experience, and focus on your partner’s pleasure. Sex should never be about finishing. It should be about exploring an intimate moment with your partner that can be filled with passion, laughter, conversation, experimentation, and anything else you want to sprinkle in there. A relationship that’s filled with great sex is one that’s much more likely to hold up than one that’s not. Make great sex a priority in your relationship and you’ll start to notice that romance comes naturally.

8. Kiss With Passion

As an adult, sex starts to come easy. When sex seems like the solution to all intimacy needs, other important means of contact fall by the wayside. Kissing is one of those things. To show your appreciation for your partner, take a moment to kiss them, passionately. Do so without any expectation of sex. Keeping up that practice will build anticipation in both of you. This will keep you on each other’s minds romantically and make sex all the more rewarding later on.


Knowing how to rekindle romance is only half the battle. The rest of it comes down to the amount of time, effort, and vulnerability you’re willing to put out. We hope that our tips inspire you to make the most out of your love life. We also welcome you to check out more of our lifestyle advice if you find yourself in need of additional tips!

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