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Running a gym can be very hectic, especially if you do everything manually. Even with a computer on-site to store files and records, some duties such as scheduling remain a hassle. As your clientele increases, so does the bulk and the only solution is to automate most if not all features that can be done through an app. A gym booking app is one of your saviors and a boost to the success of your gym. However, it would be best to find a good software developer to build a gym booking app for you or work with some of the fantastic studio management software available. Here are the features of a good booking app that you need for your gym.

Online registration

A good booking app for your gym should allow for new customers online without having to visit the gym necessarily. As long as you have time and space left to enroll new clients, they do not have to cue at your gym or studio to sign up as customers. With an excellent booking app for your gym, your customers can sign up for classes and allocate time according to availability. If you no longer have the time and resources to take in more clients, those trying to register can be automatically added to a waiting list.

Besides online registration, you also need a gym booking app that will allow you to schedule clients and track their contact information, history, and progress.

Flexible payment option

Getting a fitness management app for your gym can simplify payment options, and the process will be a big win for you. A rigid payment system can quickly put off clients or even delay payments, necessary for running the gym. A good booking app with flexible payment options will allow your customers to access payment tools from their phones and computers and make payment any time from anywhere. Flexible payment options include;

• Check

• Cash

• Debit card

• Credit card

• Class cards

• ACH debits

Some of these tools allow your client to customize payment for their membership, such as an automated monthly recurring payment.

The booking system will manage payments for you for all customers i.e., one-time customers and resident gym users.

Tracking finances

Allowing for flexible payment options is a win. Still, an even more significant victory is getting a good fitness management app for your gym that tracks finances and keeps a record. As clients make their monthly payments or for one-time use, the app should keep a record of the payment with reference codes and digital receipts for easy bookkeeping. With a record of the number of clients you have and another showing who has made payments and who has not, you can easily manage your finances and grow your gym.

Programmed communication system

Communication is key to any relationship, including that which you foster with your customers. When in search of a good booking. As a gym owner communicating with clients becomes a significant part of your job, and continuously being on calls could delay operations in another department. Since things in your gym have to be fluid, the wise option is to find scheduling software that allows for automated customer feedback. Clients have numerous questions, requests, concerns, and attending to them all will mean hiring extra staff for that or putting in your time, which is limited.

A good fitness instructor software that incorporates programmed customer responses is excellent for your gym as it relieves you of administrative duties besides the enrolling of new clients. However, consider researching the most frequently asked questions and all possible concerns clients would have and curate viable and sincere feedback.

Event and calendar management

As a gym, you are used to hosting events, especially if you also hold dance classes. On a busy month or year, planning your calendar to balance between the events and keeping the classes and gym sessions ongoing simultaneously is a real hassle, but this can be fixed with one good booking app such as gym catch for your gym. Rid yourself of the embarrassment and inconvenience of canceling out clients and events due to date mix up. While hosting dance competitions in your studio, you can use the app to manage registration as well, including the costumes to be used. The booking system should be able to assign outfits to clients and participants depending on age, size, and costumes’ availability.

With your client’s information, the right scheduling software for your gym, such as gymcatch keeps a record of your clients’ body measurements for the event and the future.

Do not just settle for any of the booking app or fitness instructor software available in the market. Take time and do your due diligence first and establish that it is fit and advantageous to your gym. That’s the only way you will benefit from the move to go completely digital.


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