The 2020 Resolution that Keeps on Giving


Going into a new year, it’s a good idea to be aware of some resolutions that you can start and maintain throughout the year. For some, that might mean eating healthier, going to the gym more or drinking more water, but what if we took it a step further this year?

We see the effects of climate change all around us every day and everyone has the opportunity to make a difference. If every person attempted to make environmentally conscious decisions in their daily lives, we could actually limit some of the worst repercussions.

So, what can you do?

For starters, you can swap some of your current brands out for ones that are committing themselves to helping the environment. A lot of brands (both new and old) are making this transition, so it’s easier than ever to do research and find brands you’re comfortable supporting.

Fortunately, some brands you already love fit into this category. Levi’s Water<Less collection requires up to 96% less water to make one pair of jeans, which has helped the company save nearly 200 million liters of water so far.

Allbirds is one company that has worked with the planet in mind since its start. Allbirds strives to be comfortable, stylish and sustainable; its sneakers are made from renewable material, including merino wool, sugar cane and tree fibers. On top of the brand’s sustainable product, shoes are also shipped to you in a 90% post-consumer recycled box that doubles for shipping and as a shoebox!

Warby Parker, known for its sunglasses and eyeglasses, recently launched a contacts brand, Scout. Daily contact lenses tend to contribute to a lot of waste, but you can rest easy knowing that Scout uses over 75% less packaging than the average contacts brand.

What next?

After you’ve made some switches surrounding the brands you support, you can aim to use recyclable or reusable items. First things first, make sure you’re recycling any items you use that can be. Look up your community’s recycling policy for a full list of recyclable items and be sure to separate these from your trash each week!

Next, instead of using plastic water bottles, find an environmentally friendly (and cute!) reusable water bottle.

Finally, consider reducing your carbon footprint by buying a car that does well on gas or carpooling with friends a few times a week. Any change you can make in this regard will help!

It may seem overwhelming to make all of these changes at once, but you’re not alone. Many celebrities are committing their time and money to eco-friendly changes and causes. Being aware of the choices you’re making while attempting to better yourself and the environment is ultimately the best New Year’s resolution you can make.


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