Teen Offenders Growing Rampant: Authorities Finds it Difficult to Tell which ID is Fake and Real

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Authorities are currently in a dilemma when fake IDs are now slowly looking like the real ones. More information about this is in the story below

It is no secret that many teens have been getting fake IDs in many underground markets. Most of these teens would often get their fake IDs on the internet. However, this issue is not new.

Every year, more and more teenagers have been getting fake IDs. Having fake IDs gives them a one-upped on their current status. It allows them to obtain some of the things that are still illegal for them. However, the scariest part of getting a fake ID is not because of the number of teenagers. But rather, fake IDs have been looking a lot more authentic than usual. Adults would have a hard time telling which IDs are fake and real.

The Dilemma of many Authorities

Many high school and college students who have yet reached legal age have been buying these IDs from different websites online. Authorities were able to bust some of these illegal Fake ID makers. They were very worried to see how these IDs have been looking more authentic as the day goes by.

Students can easily access these websites on the internet. Most of the fake IDs are sold for $100 per fake ID. If students would order by group, they would be able to save a few dollars off.

Hence, more and more students can obtain fake online id with just one click of the mouse.

The authorities are now trying to find methods how to spot a fake ID considering that more and more fakes are looking a lot like authentic ones. Scanners no longer work. Apart from that, they might need a lot of time to decipher one.

When the Fake is starting to Look Real

Fake ID makers are indeed smart. These companies wanted to make sure that their fake IDs are undetectable. Hence, they decided to make these fake IDs look similar to authentic ones. They often use the same materials with authentic IDs. From the scannable barcode, the holographic tape, and even the UV ink.

Hence, scanners would indeed read these fake IDs as real ones because they are using the same materials. You can only tell the difference between these two if you use a code and run this code in the ID database. Only then you can tell if the ID is fake or real.

Aside from that, many of these fake IDs are equipped with scannable barcodes. Scannable barcodes are one of the key security features in many authentic IDs. If your fake ID does this, then you might just be able to fool the authorities.

How do they get these IDs?

Getting a fake ID on the internet is fairly easy. First, you need to find a reputable website that offers IDs that is 95-99% similar to the real one. Tons of websites offer this kind of ID. One of them is Bogus Braxtor. Bogus Braxtor is one of the best fake ID makers in the market. They offer scannable fake IDs that make them look authentic.

Once these teens find the best website, they will choose what kind of ID they want to be made. Websites offer fake driver’s licenses for every state in the US. After choosing the ID, they will input their data, send their picture, and pay for their ID.

Once these things are done and accomplished, they would have to wait for two weeks to get their IDs. If they happen to order by group, it would take them several weeks as well. The best part of this is that, if you order multiple IDs at one time, you will be given a discount. Hence, the perfect solution for broke students who are rushing their way toward adulthood.

The advantages and disadvantages of fake IDs

Whether we like it or not, there are tons of repercussions if you are caught using it. However, fake IDs can also come in handy for people who need them. If you are caught using one, you can spend time in prison and be fined several thousand dollars.

Hence, if you are sure and decided on getting one, you should get the best fake ID makers on the market. This way, you can dodge the police while waiting for the authentic one. There are tons of fake ID makers that can help you create a foolproof fake ID. Make sure that you choose wisely. That way, you can get away with using one.

However, for underage teens, you shouldn’t abuse your fake ID. Karma hits differently if you use it to obtain alcohol and cigarettes. It is not just illegal but it can cause major damage to your health. So think carefully before getting one.


In conclusion, authorities should start finding fast and easy methods how to decipher fake IDs from real ones. Teens can easily escape felony with the current laws in terms of fake IDs. Aside from that, educating teens about illegal ID usage is also important. This way, they would be able to understand the pros and cons of having and using one. It might lessen the number of teens using fake IDs to buy cigarettes and alcohol. Hopefully, through time and effort, students will be able to understand that rushing to adulthood isn’t the best way to go.