Tattoo Not Getting Healed? Here Are the Signs You Must Know!

If you undergo a permanent inked tattoo, you will experience an inflammatory response. It takes a longer time to heal, almost 5 to 6 months. Sometimes, a personal experience is that their tattoo is not getting healed. There are so many reasons which we will be going to read further.


Reasons tattoo not getting healed

  • Feverthe very common reason your tattoo is not getting healed is experiencing symptoms of having a fever. Generally, it is experienced when your tattoo is infected and not getting healed. This might be the reason that your ink is getting allergic to your skin.
  • Redness the second reason is experiencing redness on your skin. It is an early sign that you should not ignore. Sometimes, it becomes unbearable to control itchiness and redness. It indicates something is wrong with your tattoo, and you must seek professional help without ignoring it.
  • Oozing liquid an oozing liquid will be coming out from your tattoo, which is either green or yellowish in color. If there is any slight change in your tattoo’s color, it means your tattoo is not healing properly.
  • Experiencing a Puffyskinat the beginning, your skin will become swollen, and you will experience puffy skin. This is because that area is got inflamed and causes allergies to your skin.
  • Hivesafter getting a tattoo, if you are experiencing hives, then this might be the reason that you get allergic. It will not happen immediately after getting an inked tattoo, as it will take a few days or months.
  • Scarringwhen you have gone for a permanent inked tattoo, then it is just similar to an open wound. If you are experiencing scarring around the tattoo area, then it is truly a sign that your tattoo is not getting healed. Usually, a fresh tattoo doesn’t scar, so you should immediately consult with your tattoo artist or take professional help.


Every TATTOO Healing has different results because it completely depends on the type of area and its location. Basically, the healing process of a tattoo is based on four stages, but if it takes a long time, then there is something wrong with your tattoo and you should consult with a doctor. The four stages are divided into oozing, peeling, aftercare, and itching. You must take all the precautions and follow aftercare tips by becoming consistent with them.