Take That Vacation! Traveling with Your Dog or Options for Your Dog While You’re Away





It’s officially vacation time! But for families with pets, planning a vacation comes with making an important decision: To bring the dog or not to bring the dog? Thankfully, there are plenty of options for your pup that can be comfortable, fun, and safe for them. Just make sure you plan ahead and prepare for whatever you decide. 


If you are leaning toward bringing your furbaby along for the adventure, it is important to think about the logistics that go behind this decision. You want your dog to be as safe and comfortable as possible while you travel. Consider the tasks you need to do ahead of time, such as getting your dog up to date on vaccinations, buying a comfortable crate for travel, and confirming the place you are visiting allows dogs. 


Those are just a few things to consider when you bring your dog on vacation, but there are many more factors that may impact the feasibility of bringing your pup along for the trip. Sometimes it just makes more sense to have your dog sit out your next vacation. Whether it’s because there are travel restrictions where you are going or you’re worried your dog will be anxious traveling, there are plenty of alternative options for you to consider. 


One great option is to set your dog up in a boarding kennel. There are many trained professionals that own businesses and boarding options for taking care of dogs while their families are away. By boarding your dog, you will know they are having fun, being cared for, and being kept safe. At Pets a Go Go, our Sit Stay Play program allows dogs to enjoy cage-free comfort and constant play. Here are some things you should think about when you set your dog up in a boarding kennel. 


  • What are the facilities like? Check out the kennel ahead of time and make sure the facilities are secure, sanitary, comfortable, and free from harmful chemicals. Pets a Go Go takes great pride in our facilities because we want your pet to be as happy as possible. With our cage-free philosophy, we do not lock your dogs up during the day or at night, allowing them to explore our indoor and outdoor spaces. 
  • Who will watch your pup? Make sure the people employed to watch your dog are trained and comfortable with this responsibility. All our human caretakers at Pets a Go Go undergo a thorough internal training program that includes canine CPR and first-aid. 
  • Will your dog be alone at night? Some kennels will not have staff stay with the dogs throughout the night, which is an important component to consider when you are deciding where to board your pet. In the Sit Stay Play program, we never leave your dogs alone overnight. Our human caretakers care for your pups 24/7, 365 days a year! 
  • Will your dog be happy there? When a dog is away from their family, they will probably be a little sad. But if you put your dog in the care of someone who loves your dog well, your dog can still have fun and happy times while the two of you are apart. Our staff loves all the pets entrusted in our care as if they were their own. Pets a Go Go will keep your dog happy, healthy and safe with unique, thoughtful care and fun, spacious facilities. 


Making the decision on what to do with your dog while you go on vacation is difficult, but it is important to base your decision on what is best for your furbaby. If your vacation entails hanging out and doing outdoor activities, then it may be a great idea to bring your dog along for the adventure. But if your vacation will include going to a lot of places that are not dog-friendly, you probably want to consider a better option for them that includes boarding.


You want your dog to be cared for, comfortable, safe, and secure while you’re on vacation. As long as your plan accomplishes those things, you’re ready to hit the road (or plane) and head to that dream destination spot!

By Nicole Rigger, Founder at Pets a Go Go