Surprisingly Interesting Hobbies That Last for a Lifetime

Hobbies are important to every one of us. They help us relax when we are not engaged in more serious pursuits and can also lead to a career. Not all hobbies are created equal, and some will have more commercial capabilities than others. However, the main point of a hobby is to be something you enjoy.

Picking up a hobby to fill your spare task may seem like a meaningless activity. However, you may find a hobby that you continue to do for the rest of your life. The following is a list of interesting hobbies that can last for a lifetime.




Man has been creating images of his inner and outer world since he lived in dark caves. It seems to be a very natural and innate quality of human beings. Therefore, painting and drawing are hobbies that you can do for the rest of your life. You only require a pencil and a book or a canvas and some oils to paint and draw.

They are also hobbies that don’t require a great deal of physical effort; hence you can do them to your old age. It may seem weird that you may continue scribbling in your notebook till you are old, but many older people still do.


A rare hobby people indulge in is the enjoyment of various optic devices. Optics is a hobby that involves the love of anything that makes far objects appear nearer. Devices that optic lovers enjoy include binoculars, monoculars, rifle scopes, rangefinders, and cameras, among others. There are several sites with everything you need to know about optics. As long as you are fascinated with the external world, you can enjoy optics. You can be looking through your scopes and glasses for as long as you live.


Expressing yourself in words has long been a revered skill in society. However, few ever take the time to sharpen their writing skills. Writing in any form can be a hobby. It may include writing poems, stories, non-fiction, or spiritual text. Regardless, writing is a hobby you can enjoy forever.

Writing is another hobby that requires very little. You typically need a book and pen for the more classically inclined or a laptop. Writing does not have to serve any purpose so that you can do it for its own sake. Many people have been known to be writing till the moment of their death.

Nature Exploration

Many of us do not remember the first time we took a walk in the woods. However, some people never take a look back and make nature their life. Nature exploration is a hobby that can exist as long as the world exists. There are so many things to discover that lifetimes can be spent exploring all the glorious natural wonders. Since it is a physical activity, you may be limited when you grow older. However, if you can stay healthy, you can explore nature with a sharp mind and fit till your last days.


For most of us, dancing is so natural that you automatically do it whenever you hear a song you love. Therefore, it is easy to see why it can become a lifelong hobby. There are so many dance variations that it is impossible to learn them all.

Dancing is an activity that uplifts the spirits as well as taxes you physically. The older you get, the less active your dancing will become. However, you can dance as long as you move and you might be surprised at how much you enjoy it when you are old.



It is difficult to call meditation a hobby, but since it is an activity done for its own sake, we will include it in this list. Meditation is also a very unusual activity, so it does not fit standard activity classification. Not many people stick with meditation enough to gain its benefits. However, if you can get into meditation, it can be a joy every time you do it.

Meditation has various forms, and there are thousands of schools of thought on the subject. You can meditate until your very last moment, which is something that is hard to picture when you can barely meditate for five minutes. The benefits of meditation are everlasting, and is a great choice for a lifelong hobby.

As far as hobbies go, no one can tell you how long you will enjoy the hobby. It is up to you to do what you enjoy. However, the above list of hobbies are activities many people don’t think they will do when they are old. I can almost promise you that you will be doing one of them yourself.


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