Supporting Grandparents In Lockdown

Coronavirus isolates communities right now, but with isolation comes safety, and we must play by the rules if we want to get the world back to normal. The biggest issue with coronavirus has been with the most vulnerable among us – grandparents. The elderly are being hit the hardest in the wallet, and where possible, we need to look at supporting them the best way that we can while we can’t visit. They are our most vulnerable and treasured members of society, and without being able to visit regularly, they are left to feel worried and scared alone. They need to still attend doctor’s appointments for their heart, or they need to have their blood pressure checked, and they can’t get out – it’s not an easy time to have a heart condition! However, with doctor’s opting for home visits, you can manage their health.

Financially, the elderly are going to be hit during this lockdown. It’s good to question do senior citizens get stimulus checks, as their income is low, and they need to survive. Isolation and loneliness are already at a high with the elderly, and when you throw in the coronavirus threat, the loneliness intensifies. So, what can you do? Well, here are some things you could be doing!

The rules say that you can’t visit elderly relatives if you don’t live with them. The spread of coronavirus is our biggest problem. If you’re not living with the elderly, you could put them in grave danger if you do. You can leave the house to shop for necessities, exercise once a day, for a medical need, and to travel to work if you are unable to work from home. If you have a vulnerable relative, you are allowed to shop for them and bring them groceries, but you have to “knock and run,” leaving groceries at the door.

It’s not easy to stay away, however, so don’t feel bad if you are unable to go and visit. Those who have symptoms shouldn’t be leaving the house at all, and if you are in the vulnerable category yourself, you should avoid going anywhere. The elderly are the most vulnerable, and you could end up passing on the virus – you could carry it without even knowing it. However, there are ways that you can support them! Some of those ways include:

  1. Regular phone calls each day. A simple call can tell them that someone cares about them and whether they are okay. It can also tell them that they have someone to talk to if something is wrong.
  2. Video chat. You can teach your grandparents how to video chat and let them see you and your children daily. It can lift their spirits and make them feel happy and able to enjoy their day.
  3. Get their groceries. You may not be able to stop by for a drink and a cake, but you can collect and deliver their groceries to them!

Your grandparents can come out of this pandemic with their faculties intact and their mental health sound if they know that they have you. You are going to make a big difference in their lives if you are trying to help: even the smallest gesture can mean a lot to your grandparents.


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