Use Your Summer Reading to Transform Your Relationships with Rick Goodfriend’s Latest Book, I Hear You, But.

There are many moments during the summer that just beg for a good book: lying on the beach, afternoon picnics, lazy Sundays, and long flights en route to vacation destinations. This summer but-I-hear-you rick-goodfriendinstead of being merely entertained by the latest thriller or romance novel,  use your summer reading to transform your life.   Mr. Rick Goodfriend, Founder of World Empathy Day, has compiled his top tips for creating connections and transforming lives through effective communication in his latest book I Hear You, But… The book is arranged as a series of short, practical tips, making it an easy book to pick up whenever you have free time, even if it is just a moment.


Below are some quick tips from I Hear You, But…


  • ·         When Emotions Are on High Alert: If you start to feel upset, frustrated, or irritated during a communication situation, take a deep breath, intentionally identify your emotions, and identify what needs you would like to have met, for example: appreciation, compassion, clarity, stability, etc. This will help you approach the situation calmly and proactively. (p. 104)
  • ·         Offering Suggestions to Others: Always ask if a person would enjoy hearing your suggestion before offering it. If a person responds that they want to hear the suggestion state your suggestion in 40 words or less. After 40 words a person loses connection. (p. 23)
  • ·         Making Listening an Intention: When you have a personal or business meeting, make it your intention to hear the other person speak first. Just listen for the first few minutes, keeping the focus on the other person. You will see the meeting has more connection and ease due to this simple shift. (p.171)


“My desire is that my book could serve as a constant companion. It can be read all in one sitting or slowly digested by a reader who chooses to learn and absorb a single tip a day. Either way, readers will start to see their relationships transform as they learn the basics of effective, conscious communication” shared Mr. Goodfriend. “Readers should pick up a copy if they are eager to see their business and personal relationships achieve deeper connection and trust than ever before”.


Add I Hear You, But… to your summer reading list today! Copies can be purchased on in paperback copy and Kindle format.