Summer Beauty Sleep Tips


Westchester’s Dr. Michael Finkelstein    – who happens to be my neighbor,  is a pioneer in integrative medicine (combining science with holistic medicine) who is devoted to helping you live a healthier and more vibrant life who has offered his tips for Skillful Summer Beauty Sleep Tips during these longer days that lead to restless, sleepless nights!



Summer is here!  And though the sun-drenched, long and lazy days of summer are a welcome break from the dark, abbreviated days of winter, many find the seasonal transition to negatively affects their sleeping patterns.  Summer restlessness is rampant, and longer days can sometimes lead to shorter nights that can wreak havoc on the skin.  Dr. Finkelstein shares his expert tips on how to prevent unsightly undereye bags, exhausted-looking skin, and lackluster pallor by soaking up the Zzzzz’s in the long summer months.

Dr. Michael Finkelstein’s Skillful Summer Beauty Sleep Tips:

1.      Cut down on salt – indulging in a margarita is fair game, but consider skipping the salt on the rim.  Don’t deprive yourself, but as with any season shift, balance is the key to stay grounded.

2.      Taper off caffeine – Sleep is negatively affected by caffeine.  Do a 10-day taper: whatever you are drinking now, cut in half.  Using 3-day intervals, keep cutting your intake in half, until you are down to a half a cup, and then switch to decaffeinated green tea to round out your transition.

3.      Get on the sun’s schedule – one day a week, try to wake up when the sun rises and go to sleep when it sets.  We’re all creatures of nature, so aligning ourselves with nature’s cycle is a good trick to feeling more in sync.


Dr. Finkelstein recently launched his groundbreaking book with Harper Collins, 77 Questions for Skillful Living: A New Path to Extraordinary Healthwhich leads readers through the essential questions to help gain understanding of symptoms, their causes, and the entire gamut of available solutions through Integrative Medicine. His holistic wellness center is located in Bedford, NY.