Kid Blogger Offers Advice For Summer Camp First-Timers

10-year-old Hannah Alper started her blog after participating in a 3-hour Word Press workshop at The Digital Family Summit in Philadelphia in June 2012. Since then, she’s been one of the most popular kid bloggers on the net. After reaching 100,000 page views in less than a year, she was interviewed by Global TV, APP Central, ZOOMER, The Marilyn Show, CBC’s George Stroumboulopoulos, and has been featured in a spotlight from Chickadee Magazine and named as a Champion of the Earth in Owl Magazine. Hannah was also named as a Team Captain for the WWF’s Earth Hour campaign. Most recently, she was the on-the-ground “eco blogger” for the 2013 JUNO Awards.

In her latest post, she gives her Top 10 pieces of advice on kids going to summer camp for the first time, and how parents can help them out during this nerve-wracking time:

bunk o 1975
bunk o 1975 (Photo credit: sgeisco2001)

“Last year I went to overnight camp for the first time. At first I was really nervous about being away from home for 10 days. I won’t lie and tell you that it was all easy. But I will tell you that after the first two nights I started to get comfortable at camp. I was supposed to be there for 10 days and then my parents were coming for Alumni Weekend (my mom went to the same camp) and the plan was that I would go home with them. But you know what happened? I loved camp so much that when my parents arrived, I asked if I could stay for another 12 days.

Here is some advice for people who are going to overnight camp for the first time:

1.        Make friends with the people in your cabin. You will make new friends starting from the bus ride up there and have lots of people to hang out with. Also, introduce yourself to everyone. I always had not just my friends in my cabin but other people in my camp were my friends too. It is always good to have a lot of friends to get you through the lonely or homesick times.

2.        If it’s your first time at overnight camp, it’s probably also the first time for most of the kids in your cabin. You are not the only one. It will make you feel better to know that.

3.        I was mostly nervous about the nighttime. My Mom’s advice to me was “all you have to do is make it through the night and then you will have so much fun in the day.” The days are so much fun at camp. Remember this at night.

4.        Try talking to your counselors if you’re feeling homesick. It feels good and they can make you feel better. They were also first-time campers – a really, really long time ago, though!

5.        When you’re packing for camp, collect some pictures of your family and bring some tape so that you can have them on the wall at your bunk.

6.        You know the list of things they tell you to pack? When it comes to clothing, bring extra t-shirts BUT…

7.        Don’t take your favourite t-shirt. You will probably lose it.

8.        My Mom and I had a special deal that we would both go outside at 9:30 every night and look up at the stars and say goodnight. When I looked up, I knew that she was looking up too.

9.        Take a notebook so that you can write down the phone numbers and email addresses of your new friends to stay in touch until next year.

10.     Make the most of every day. It goes so fast you’ll be home before you know it and instead of wishing you were home you’ll be wishing you are back at camp.”