StyleCycle How to Transition Your Closet From Snow To Spring

From snow one day to 60 degrees the next – we can finally say spring is here. As the weather transitions so must your wardrobe and who better to help than the StyleCycle girls. They tackled my wardrobe with enthusiasm and creativity, and were able to create more than 30 new fabulous outfits. I felt like I had just gone shopping and I had – in my own closet!

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After the “wardrobe restyling,” Lisa and Susan told me what to get out, what to keep and most importantly what to buy to round out my spring wardrobe.


Here are 4 simple StyleCycle tips to transition your wardrobe into SPRING:


  1. Start with layers – put away your puffer and opt for a light wool or cotton topper, wear a blazer as outerwear or a leather.
  2. Add a lightweight scarf
  3. Lighten up your boots – wear a bootie or try one of the new cutout versions.
  4. Nothing says spring like florals and light colors…break out the white in all-different textures, try creams, camels, and blues.


Transition to Spring

Call the girls to schedule your spring appointment – your wardrobe will thank you. 914-522-1158.