Staying In Touch When You Don’t Have The Time To

Staying in touch with your loved ones can get a bit messy from time to time – we all have our own lives to lead, after all, and sometimes we just don’t have the time nor the energy to meet up or get together and take some time. We live away from each other, we’re not ever present in other people’s lives, and that can be very hard to cope with when you think about it! 


But if you’re someone who’s desperate to stay in touch with your friends and family, despite having little wiggle room in your schedule for anything regular, we’ve listed some hopefully helpful tips for you below. 


Let People Know About Your Situation


Make sure people are aware of just how busy you are when they try to get in contact with you. Prepare a quick message template that’ll tell someone ‘you’re very sorry you can’t get to the phone right now, but life is crazy and you’ll get back to them as soon as possible’. It’s just a quick little message you can send out that’ll keep people updated on how you’re doing, and it’ll make sure no one ever feels ignored or ghosted by you. 


Delegate Out Some of Your Responsibilities


If you’ve got quite a few responsibilities on your plate, it’s time to learn how to delegate them. After all, the more you can unload on other people, even just for an afternoon, the more time you have to take care of yourself and focus on your own life. It’s not a selfish thing to do, we promise!


For example: It’s hard to feel like you’re a part of other people’s lives if most of your time is taken up by just one person; you can’t leave them to fend for themselves, of course, but you can ask for help in taking care of them. If you’ve got an elderly relative to take care of, even just reaching out to inquire about the possibility of Home Care Assistance could be a big step towards taking some more independence for yourself, and giving yourself the time to stay in touch with others who also matter to you. 


Messages Count For More Than You’d Think! 


And of course, make full use of that unlimited messages phone plan you’re paying for! Because messages can mean a lot, and when used properly, you can have a full and lengthy conversation with the people who mean a lot to you. 


If you can’t meet up face to face for another 8 months or so, there’s nothing wrong with tiding yourselves over with a chat conversation until then. You can even send quick voice messages these days, so if you want to hear someone else’s voice, just use these memos from time to time! 


Staying in touch can be hard; we have our own lives, and 24 hours can be up before we even realize it. So keep these ideas in mind when your life’s hectic. 

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