Stay Productive With These 9 Awesome Chrome Extensions


Did you know there are around 63,000 searches on Google every second?

Google Chrome is an undeniable powerhouse for search, and for good reason! It contains a ton of great features and uses high-tech tools to get you the best results for your searches. But, even with a great search engine, focusing on the task at hand isn’t always easy.

Luckily, Google has that covered, too! They have a wide range of Chrome productivity extensions that you can use to customize your search engine, creating an online space where you can reach maximum levels of productivity.

To help you get more done, here are our top 10 productivity extension choices.

1. Focus to Stop Unnecessary Browsing

If you find yourself straying away from your task and being distracted by the billions of other websites on the world wide web, you’re not alone. In fact, people are so easily distracted that there’s a whole extension to help you! When it comes to boosting Chrome productivity, this is essential.

The extension is Focus and it’s basically a website blocker. You can set it to block any websites that frequently distract you (social media, we’re looking at you!) so that you can’t access them. Of course, you might not want these blocked 24/7, which is why you can schedule the extension for set times.

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2. Momentum for Inspiration

If you need a bit of inspiration to help you get going in the morning or would like a motivation-booster whilst you work, check out Momentum. The extension transforms your new tabs into a page of inspiration! You’ll see a beautiful, scenic photo, motivational quotes, and even your own personalized to-do.

3. Trello for Easy Organization

If you love a to-do list, Trello is for you. This extension started with a sticky note, which the creators used to create a simple platform that you can use to organize and share your ideas. Tasks can be assigned to different team members, and when their section is completed it’ll move onto the next person.

If you work on a lot of team projects, this is one of the best Chrome productivity extensions you can use. It’s a super simple way to keep everyone in the loop and stay on track.

4. Loom to Share Information

Gone are the days of endless emails and boring messages! The new, easier way to share information is here, and it comes in the form of Loom. When it comes to browser productivity, this is great for quickly sharing information and ideas.

The extension lets you quickly record your screen, voice, and/or face at the click of a button. You can then share the video with whoever you want for super fast tutorials, demos, and information sharing.

5. Hootlet for Seamless Social Media

Hootlet is the Chrome extension for Hootsuite, and its aim is to make sharing across social media platforms easier than ever. If your business relies on regular social media posts across multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, this will become one of the best productivity extensions you’ll ever use!

Use the extension to quickly create a post. You can then share it seamlessly across all of your platforms, posting the same content at the same time. You can also schedule future posts, helping you get ahead of your to-do list.

6. Grammarly for Flawless Writing

Grammarly is a must-have extension for any writer. The extension quickly checks any text you write on any page, including in documents or whilst writing up an email. It’ll correct your spelling, improve your grammar, and make suggestions to help you improve your writing.

If you write a lot during your day, this is great for saving you tedious minutes proof-reading your messages, and spell-checking your work. It has a free version, too, which is perfectly good for all purposes.

7. Full Page Screen Capture 

At some point or another, most of us have a reason to share our screens. But do you have any idea how to do it?

Full Page Screen Capture makes it easy! This extension lets you screengrab the whole page you’re looking at with the click of a button. It’s simple, effective, and doesn’t need any unnecessary permissions to work.

8. The Great Suspender to Save Your Battery

Most people are guilty of having way more tabs open than they really need. But, if you think there’s a small chance you might need to come back to that later, what’s the point of closing it? Well, with The Great Suspender there really isn’t one!

This extension puts the tabs you’re not looking at to sleep. This helps to save your battery and memory, and improve the speed of the pages you are looking at. If you know you love multiple taps, this extension will be a lifesaver!

9. Calendly to Stay On Top Of Your Schedule

Calendly is a free online appointment schedule, helping you get the most out of every day. When you’re so productive, it can be hard to forget every little meeting you have or the event you need to attend! Calendly makes it simple, letting you create, share, and edit your events for a more organized life.

Try Out Chrome Productivity Extensions

If you work a lot from your computer, Chrome productivity extensions are a must-have. With these little add-ons, you can personalize your browser and optimize it for your needs. With each well-chosen extension, your life will become that little bit more productive!

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