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Gorgeous Mary Kay Products

I am delighted and super excited to be have been chosen as a
Conde Nast Influencer.   For my first project I was sent a enormous box filled with Mary Kay Cosmetics and was asked to create a holiday look. I am in the majority of women who love make up.As   I always  say how do you make a pretty girl prettier ?  Makeup!!!

Mary Kay Tis The Season
Mary Kay Tis The Season



I was given the set called

White -Hot Suit.  Inspiation Sleek and sexy 1970’s style. menswear inspired but still feminine.   It was in the early 70’s  that they actually let girls wear pants to school.


 Gorgeous Mary Kay Products
The Gorgeous Mary Kay Products




mary kay white hot suit

Key elements that I was to focus on Winged Eye and Red Lip.  I for one love a red lip and wear it quite often.   I am always up for a glamorous time.



I had never tried Mary Kay Cosmetics of any kind before. I have to say that my overall  I was pleasantly surprised.


mary Kay box

The face .

I applied Mary Kay Foundation primer with SPF 15 , followed by Mary Kay Translucent Powder . I was totally impressed with how easy it went on.   The products felt great on my skin and stayed on all day.


The Eyes

The eye shadows they sent were perfect for my somewhat hazel to brown colored eyes.   Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Sweet Cream for the base, Chocolate Kiss for the crease  and Copper Glow for the upper lid. I really don’t wear mascara because I have lash extensions, but the holidays is perfect to be extra glam. I used the Lash Primer and the Lash  Love Lengthening Mascara In I<3 Black .  The effect was  a Wow!

The Lips

The best part of the kit were the lips.   I am a big fan of a bold red lip.  New to me was a clear lip liner.  This is a must have .   I have never been great with a lip liner .   Lip liner keeps the lipstick from bleeding and feathering.  The clear is perfect and  mistake proof.

The Firecracker Red Lipstick is a perfect shade of red paired with in Rock ‘n’ Red Lip Gloss complete the look.


mary kay firecracker liptstick

One Last Thing

Finishing Spray by Skindinavia , 4 quick spritzes kept my makeup fresh all night long.


Thank you Conde Nast and Mary Kay for choosing StacyKnows . I encourage you to check out all three looks: Flapper Chic, Silver Screen Siren,The White-Hot Suit.


Mary Kay products make great holiday gifts. You can use them for beauty baskets, secret Santa gifts, or even to give yourself a holiday makeover.