Spray Your Perfume in 4 Spots to Get Him Crazy about You

spraying perfume
Your man loves you for a lot of things. It may be your charming personality, your simple and natural beauty, your trilling laughter, and even the way you smell. Do you know that when you want to attract a man, your biggest weapon is how you wear your perfume? Know these 4 vital parts in your body and have your man go crazy when he smells you right there.

1. In between your thighs

Questions might be swirling in your mind right now but the answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Yes you can spray perfume on your lady danger down under. No, spraying might not be directly on your lady danger but just in your inner thighs. Imagine how he lays you down and traces soft kisses on your toes, to your knees, and then to your thighs. Give him a taste of a wild night with you. If you’re the one who’s fun and playful in bed, go for Cacharel Catch Me.

2. On your nape

The back of your neck or your nape is a sensual spot in your body. It may not seem like a sensual spot for you but guys find it sexy and thrilling when you swipe your hair on the side or tie your hair in a pony to reveal your nape. Doing so signals he should draw near you, embrace you from behind, and allow yourself for a steamy make out session. If you see this happening, spray some Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia Eau Fraiche on your nape. This will activate your sensual side with combined fresh and floral fragrances of lemon, peony, jasmin, and sugar.

3. On your tresses

People say a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. Men agree, especially when you have beautiful, long hair that you can flip when he’s around. Spraying perfume on your hair allows greater coverage for the scent to linger. Playfully let your hair fall on your shoulders and shake it a bit. One look and you’ll drive your man crazy as soon as he smells your gorgeous locks. Push him towards the bed, climb on top, and let some strands of your hair tickle his chest as he longs for your touch. For a wild ride tonight, wear Shakira Wild Elixir for Women, a new irresistible oriental scent for the sensual night.

4. On your cleavage

Any man longs for a woman’s body and it’s only obvious that he prefers to touch you wherever his hands roam. Your womanly gifts are perfect areas where you can spray a scent that will drive him nuts. Pulse points such as your cleavage are warm areas in your body which can heat up the scent you applied. Let him kiss you on your lips down to your neck and throat and soon he will end up smelling your cleavage like wild. Of course if you want to seduce your man, spritzing Banana Republic Rosewood for Women is a must. With a combination of rose and amber, expect a seductive explosion inside the bedroom.

Now you know the tricks to get him crazy about you, plan a romantic evening to get things warmed up. Don’t forget to pick perfume samples from Beauty Encounter for your seductive scent choices.