Six Tips to Make Your Baby’s Skin Soft and Smooth

During the first few months, my daughter’s skin was so smooth and soft. I was in love with rubbing my cheek against hers because I was amazed! However, I knew that this wouldn’t last forever. Since your little one will be exposed to dust, pollutants, and dirt, their skin won’t be as soft as it was the first few weeks.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t maintain your baby’s skin and keep as as smooth and silky as possible. There are different ways you can keep your baby’s skin soft and smooth. If you’re wondering how, then read on as I show you six effective tips!

You shouldn’t only keep your baby’s skin soft and smooth for looks! It’s important to do this to avoid any infections or rashes that can come along the way. With that being said, here are the six easy and effective tips to follow:

Know Your Baby’s Skin

Before anything else, you have to learn more about your baby’s skin, which is different from ours. Did you know that a baby’s skin is about 20% thinner than an adult’s? With that being said, it’s more delicate and must be cared for with extra caution.

Furthermore, it takes more time to adjust to liquid environment of the womb to the air we breathe. The surface area of your baby’s skin is bigger than adults’, which results in loss of heat and moisture. That’s why it’s important to keep your little ones’ skin hydrated and warm to avoid any skin problems.



Massage Your Baby With Natural Oils

This is one of the best ways to maintain the skin’s suppleness and good health. Make sure that when you massage your baby, you use gentle natural oils such as olive or almond oil, which moisturizes and softens skin without the risks.

Avoid using commercial oils, which have fragrances and chemicals which may irritate the baby’s sensitive skin. Also, massage your baby softly with clean hands! Again, your baby’s skin is sensitive, so massaging with dirty or rough hands is counter-intuitive.

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Using Cotton Garments

What’s great about using cotton fabric for clothes is that it’s soft, comfortable, and cooling. Also, it’s absorbent, which allows better air passage. That way, your baby’s skin won’t be moist nor will heat stay trapped (that causes dehydration!).

Avoid using certain synthetic fabrics, which can pose allergic reactions. Go for soft and CLEAN clothes and do not wear wool next to the baby’s skin during cold weather, which can cause rashes. Wash your baby’s clothes before he wears them.

Keeping Your Little One Safe from the Sun

Just like adults, your baby will experience sunburn if you don’t take care of him right! Sunlight is healthy for your baby’s health but avoid direct sun exposure, especially when your little one is less than half a year old.

If you take your baby out, apply sunscreen on the exposed skin. Also, minimize exposing skin by covering it with cotton clothing. A hat and sunglasses will also help shade his head and face for better protection!

Choose the Diapers Wisely

One of the most common baby skin problems are diaper rashes, which are caused by fungal infections. So make sure that your little one uses soft and absorbent diapers that aren’t too tight or loose. Doing so will minimize the chances of a diaper rash without having to change diapers too much.

Remember to change your baby’s diapers every two hours if he is a newborn and clean their bottoms thoroughly, applying diaper cream after.

Bathe Properly And Use the Right Products

Last but not the least, it’s crucial to bathe your little one properly. Avoid bathing your little one too often, about two to three times a week is okay. Also, avoid keeping him in water longer than he should be, using lukewarm water.

Use baby-friendly products without any harsh chemicals and fragrances. Using natural products is recommended to avoid any allergic reactions. All of the products you use for your little one should be specially manufactured for babies!

Wrapping It Up

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to maintain your baby’s smooth face! With the proper tips and skincare routine, your baby’s skin will continue to stay soft and healthy for everyone to adore!

I hope that these tips to make your baby’s skin soft and smooth helped you out. So don’t wait any longer and start following any of these tips today!


For those who would like to share their experiences or want to know more about what they can do to care for their baby, comment below.


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