Because you shouldn’t only practice gratitude on Thanksgiving—it should be a year-round attitude.


Real Simple is kicking off its #SimplyGrateful Gratitude Challenge on our social media platforms today. Every weekday in November leading up to Thanksgiving, Real Simple will be posting and tweeting tips on how to live a more grateful life—and how to make gratitude a more regular practice. All of the “assignments” will be based on a raft of research showing that people who are grateful for things big and small are healthier and happier. Please join us as we practice cultivating this spirit of gratitude in our daily lives—not just on the one day when turkey is served.

6 Surprising Reasons Why Gratitude is Great for Your Health

1. You’ll feel happier.

2. You’ll boost your energy levels.


3. You get healthier.

4. You’ll be more resilient.

5. You’ll improve your relationship.

6. You’ll be a nicer person.


You can follow along with the whole discussion @RealSimple, and on our Facebook page. Also, feel free to post photos of what you’re grateful for on your Instagram account, using the same #SimplyGrateful tag.

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