I’d Rather Be Short…Kristen Bell Agrees

From Eva Longoria and Christina Aguilera who stand proudly at 5’2” (even in sky-high heels) to Mary-Kate Olsen andDolly Parton whose height barely reaches 5’0” – if celebrities can embrace their height, so should we! As the 4’11”Kristin Chenoweth once said, “Life’s too short, I’m not.”



 i'd _rather_be _short

Inspired from Becky Murphy’s successful blog series of the same name, I’D RATHER BE SHORT (a Plume original | on sale October 29, 2013 | $14 |) is a love letter to ‘shorties’ everywhere featuring the top 100 reasons why it’s great to be small in this charming and quirky illustrated book. Each illustration is an empowering, ego-boosting nod to those who often get the short end of the stick. I’D RATHER BE SHORT showcases unique advantages of being tiny including:

  • ·         You can sleep like a queen in a twin-sized bed
  • ·         You can’t outgrow tree houses
  • ·         Skirts can be dresses; dresses can be skirts
  • ·         You’re amazing at the limbo
  • ·         You’re less likely to smell people’s bad breath

…Plus many more amusements for the awesomely petite!


With beautifully whimsical four-color illustrations, I’D RATHER BE SHORT will be the perfect little gift, not just for the short and proud, but for those who need a little lesson in self-acceptance. Actress Kristen Bell says about the book: “5’1 is the new 6’2, and Becky’s book proves it.”


A ‘short’ book with a big heart!

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