New “Super Playboy” Product Line from Playboy Fragrances Debuts at New York Comic Con

Comic Con and Sexy does those two even belong in the same sentence?  Well they do now .



Super Playboy fragrance  for men and women (, made more than an appearance at Comic Con NYC from October 11-13 at the  Javitz Center.


There is a new hero in town…

From the shadows of the night rises a new kind of hero, a master of seduction.

Introducing Super Playboy.


New York Comic Con


Where Halloween comes early in the Big Apple. Where hundreds of thousands of nerds and geeks   in costumes descend upon the Javits Center showing off their love for all things superhero and a villain. Where at every turn, a cluster of Batmans and Robins emerge, followed by a few Poison Ivys, Mary Janes and Lois Lanes.

Comic Con Entrance



Sure, Superman and Spiderman have it made – just fly around town saving the world and the chicks come running. But what about the everyday 9 to 5 guys (and gals) that crunch numbers on their computer all day? Isn’t it time they tapped their Super Sexy powers? Playboy Fragrances thinks so. That’s why they launched a new SuperPlayboy fragrance and body care line during this sold out fantasy fest to bring out the Super Seducer in all that’s been waiting to be uncaged. With the aid of lovely Playboy Playmate Alison Waite, Comic Con guests (including yours truly) got to jump into a photo booth and take sexy photos to unleash their Sexy Super Alter Ego.


Check out this video and see some sexy stuff at New York Comic Con! It’s all about fun fantasies coming true. Try the fragrance and see for yourself! #NYCC#SuperPlayboyFragrances

What’s Your Sexy Alter Ego?

#SuperPlayboyFragrances. If you could get that power, would you try Super Playboy for Men? #NYCC New York Comic Con



#SuperPlayboyFragrances are all about bringing out your seductive powers
#SuperPlayboyFragrances are all about bringing out your seductive powers


SuperPlayboy fragrance for Her. The scent of exotic paradise flower, sweet freesia, sensual amber and sexy musk was intoxicating. Utterly sensual and completely unforgettable, you will have the power to make any superhero fall at your feet – and there were plenty of them to go around that day at the Javits!

Playboy Fragrance Collection for Her
SuperPlayboy fragrance for Him. With hints of bergamot, juicy red apple and spicy black pepper, you’ll feel super seductive, self-assured and completely irresistible. Because hey, why should superheros get all the girls?
Playboy Fragrance Collection for Him



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