Secrets to a Kickass Marriage

Relationship expert Midori Verity is helping couples enjoy fulfillment, excitement, and incredible sex with the launch of a book titled ‘Secrets to a Kickass Marriage: Marriage Guide to Living Your Dream Life.‘ Written for twosomes in search of something more, the book arms readers with a ‘kickass’ mind-set that helps modern couples manifest their ultimate life together. Verity is following up the launch by taking on the role of in-house Relationship Expert and Co-host at the upcoming Women Network Virtual Summit, a spin-off of the California Women’s Conference, previously hosted by Maria Shriver.

Inspiring and motivational, the book is designed for couples of all ages, backgrounds, and sexual preferences. For those with a desire to hit the reset button on their relationship and achieve the life they’ve always wanted, it’s must read ammunition. She utilizes simple yet effective exercises to guide readers on a journey of personal self-discovery and inner clarity.



One of the key areas Verity shines the spotlight on is the importance of adopting proactive communication and positive behaviors. She asserts that these practices are the key to unlocking the door to happiness and building strong, healthy relationships that can endure whatever life throws at them. Using tried and tested techniques Verity empowers couples with the cognitive tools to make breakthrough developments creating their dream relationships.


In any relationship, sex plays an integral role in helping adults experience both physical and emotional connections. When things in the bedroom cool down the integrity of the relationship is immediately put at risk. ‘Secrets to a Kickass Marriage’ explores the vital role of intimacy and advises couples on how to reignite the passion and take their sex lives to a whole new level of elation. Rather than focus solely on the physical side, Verity aims to tap into reader psyches and train the mind to feel sexier and more confident. This inner confidence categorically translates into better intimacy.

5 Tips from Midori

•Flirt forever
•Build your confidence
•Date at least once a month
•Read ’50 Shades’ to each other
•Make respect and love for one another a habit


As well as revealing a cornucopia of relationship secrets in her latest book, Verity will also be co-hosting the upcoming Women Network Virtual Summit. The digital event offers attendees the inspiration, resources and connections needed to achieve a myriad of goals, from business and personal development to health, wellness and philanthropy. The conference features highly respected leaders and professionals, such as Dr. Kathy Fields and Dr. Katy Rodan, with Proactiv, Michael E. Gerber, E-myth, and Mike Michalowicz, author of ‘Toilet Paper Entrepreneur‘. Verity will take on the position of Relationship Expert which will see her dish out insider tips and advice on how to build better relationships.

As the relationship expert and relationship coach for Z’Luxe Life Group, Verity developed a program designed to save marriages, end separations, rebuild trust and help couples enjoy the lives they’ve always dreamed of. She has spent over a decade studying interpersonal relationships, cognitive/behavioural psychology and couples therapy. The Science of Neuroplasticity, which is used to overcome perceived limitations and help couples reach extreme heights of happiness, is instituted in all her teachings. Unlike many relationship therapists or experts, Verity has enjoyed a happy and healthy marriage for over 30 years. This is a testament to her ability to pinpoint the foundations of a strong relationship and help others do the same.

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