Sailing Through Life: Stay Connected to Your Passion on Land


sailing_boatWhat we wouldn’t give to be out on the open sea. The site, sounds and smells of the ocean eclipse any experience on land, and sailing challenges physical and mental functions like few activities could. Alas, the real world requires much of us. Whether we are held back by work, school or a shortage of cash, we too find ourselves setting sail in a day dream while we should be focused elsewhere.

You can’t replicate the real thing, but it’s possible to keep a pulse on the sailing world even when you’re far from a coast. Media has provided an outlet for every niche. Sailors assemble to launch a virtual voyage toward our favorite pastime.


Whether you’re interested in sailing for leisure, adventure or intense competition, chances are there is a TV show that suits your interest. NBC broadcasts sailing’s marquee event, The America’s Cup. Beginning at the San Francisco coast, The America’s Cup is the most prestigious international sailing competition. Few sailing enthusiasts will have the chance to compete in The America’s Cup, but viewers can get up close and personal with the action through NBC’s coverage. will provide live channels and on-demand video a leading sailing channel, after the site is launched.


If you can’t get the real thing, a stack of magazines can go a long way. We’re talking about sailing magazines. (What were you thinking?) SAIL Magazine is the leading publication for trips tips, gear reviews and general sailing advice. Keep your boating terminology and explorer’s spirit sharp between voyages. The combination of expert columns and exotic photography will scratch your sailing itching until you get back out on the sea. Experience may be the best teacher, but it’s not the only teacher.


Sailing talk used to be reserved for docks and decks, but a new form of programming has sailors around the world swapping stories. Sailing podcasts keep enthusiasts up to date on the latest news, stories and figures in the sailing world. Among the notable sailing podcasts, Australians David and Carina Anderson host “The Sailing Podcast,” in which they talk with sailors, experts and authors and other prominent figures in the sailing community. For adventurers who can’t get enough sailing chat, podcasts will keep you informed and entertained.


The Internet is a magical place. You can plan trips, order supplies, connect with fellow enthusiasts and study for your boating license in Virginia while you’re visiting Maine. Sailing enthusiasts don’t always have a community of like-minded explorers in the neighborhood, but with an Internet connection, you’re never too far away from fellow sailors. Forums provide open-ended platforms to discuss technical details, amazing stories and great spots to hit. Take your pick from a number of robust platforms:,, or If you have a question or comment about the world of sailing, fellow enthusiasts won’t hesitate to dive into the conversation.