Here is the “Story Behind the Book” upon the release of Rob Sedgwick’s captivating memoir BOB GOES TO JAIL    Rob, was born into one of America’s oldest and most storied families going all the way back to his ancestor Robert Sedgwick who opened the first Brewery in the Colonies in 1635. Rob’s sister is Kyra Sedgwick, the actress; his brother is painter Nikko Sedgwick; his brother-in-law is movie star Kevin Bacon, and his stepfather was renowned art dealer Ben Heller, who pioneered the careers of Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. So, to say Rob has struggled to stand out in a family of big personalities is a huge understatement.

 Rob who had the drop-dead good looks of Brad Pitt and the judgment of Anthony Weiner,  relates his own colorful, and usually alcohol-fueled, misdeeds with humor and heart.   He writes about playing a drug kingpin on TV while awaiting trial for playing one in real life.  When the DEA and NYPD caught Rob red-handed in his grandparents’ apartment with 500 pounds of marijuana they mistakenly assumed he was a drug lord and the brains behind the operation.    He writes about his unconventional childhood as he and his sister Kyra and brother Nikko raised themselves unsupervised like adolescent Eloioses in “the Upper Eastside townhouse that was bigger than all the other Upper Eastside townhouses.”    He shares his journey from a lost little boy to an inept criminal with such comic candor that you can’t help but root for him.

“Rob Sedgwick was born into a famous New York family and then famously screwed up..  His life story is filled with adventure, humor, and hope.   You’ll revel in the chance to meet the rich cast of characters that are his family and friends. You’ll also dig Sedgwick’s portrait of New York in all its 1970s and ’80s grimy splendor. Bob Goes to Jail is a great read and Sedgwick is the only one who could have told it.”

Tom BarbashNew York Times bestselling author of The Dakota Winters

“On my first read I couldn’t put it down, but I wondered if I was drawn to this brutally honest, painfully sad, and hilarious memoir because I was so familiar with the world and the characters in it. However, I think that Rob’s struggle to find his path, to shadowbox the monkey on his back and come of age

(at any age) is a universal story that many of us can relate to silver spoon or not.”

Kevin Bacon, star of City on a Hill, Apollo 13 and Mystic River

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