Reconnective Healing: 4 Facts You Need to Know


Reconnective healing is a type of energy manipulation that utilizes your surrounding energies for different health benefits and purposes. There are many health practices out there that will claim to do miraculous things without providing a great deal of information. It is important to learn the different limitations in addition to the different capabilities of certain healing methods to know how they can ultimately help you. Below are four important facts you need to know about reconnective healing. But before you dive into those facts, you need to establish a base of knowledge that will help you further understand what it is.

Reconnective Healing and Its Practitioners

Reconnective healing practitioners are trained to tune into the field and access healing energy in ways that would typically require decades of discipline to accomplish, train, and master. This suggests that such a method may have an even deeper connection than other practitioners of yoga or meditation. When users enter the field at this deeper level, they enter a state of emotional quiescence. When they are connected to the field, it then becomes a practice of the mind in order to transfer the energy and mental state to a client, which puts them in touch with the field themselves.

Life Progress

Life progress refers to individuals becoming more than they are, living with certainty, and an inside knowingness. This refers to having an awareness of one’s purpose in life, where experts at tie a great deal of importance on the freedom and understanding of their connection with the universe. This further translates to a deeper connection with other people around you as well. This ties in with evolution and your growth as human vessels as you are tied to everything. This is a new-age form of healing and growth, and it is important to share this knowledge and these practices in order to continue to expand your community’s ability to heal and grow together.

Life progress is a basic state of continuous growth and ultimate connectivity that plays such a significant role in reconnective healing. That connectivity allows practitioners to connect with one another, sharing and transferring energy regardless of the distance that physically separates them.

Difference Between Reiki and Other Practices

In practices like reiki, humans themselves generate and create their own energy. This is great, but the issue this has is that the energy output, and ultimately the energy transferable, is greatly reduced and filtered, resulting in less energy transfer. Additionally, since the energy is self-generated, this means that anything within a reiki healer’s body can be transferred along to the client. This means that you can contaminate energy with negative effects. The alternative with reconnective healing is that energy is transferred directly from energy fields. This means that there is no possible way to transfer any sort of negative energy or contaminate your energy transfer.

Time Efficient

One positive of reconnective healing is that the process can be accomplished in a much more time-efficient manner. Going back to comparisons of other energy transfer practices, reconnective healing is much faster and more efficient in several ways. The energy that practitioners expend is much less, as there is less overall energy to have to handle or deal with since they are simply learning to control and pass energy instead of generating it themselves. This fact also makes the process much quicker. With other practices of energy transfer, practitioners and masters have to perform certain rituals in order to cleanse the energy they create. Since you are not creating the energy, but manipulating it, no such rituals need to be practiced.

Health Benefits

There is a great deal of health benefits associated with reconnective healing. There have been around a dozen tests performed, and results tend to show the consistency that reconnective healing shows better results compared to groups that don’t use any other form of healing or compared to groups that utilize other forms of healing such as reiki or qigong. Some of the benefits that clients have reported are for depression, mental health issues, and even physical injuries and pains. Some positive feelings have been reported in clients that have more serious conditions such as cancer as well.

Reconnective healing is a form of healing that utilizes the energy around you to help you in a multitude of ways. There are many benefits that are not only unique on its own but also are comparable to other energy practices. It is in your best interest to at least consider and look into different methods and practices to see what positives you can gain from them and if they seem to bring you positivity, to look further into their usage.


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