Due to the tight inventory and plenty of interest from buyers, real estate developers in big cities like New York and Miami are watching their inventory  fly off the shelves; often times  selling units well before their completion. Some developers are even asking buyers to put down a 50%  deposit on apartments valued over 2 million. Five years ago, when I lived in Downtown Miami all you could see were cranes everywhere and NO ONE was buying.  Mary Brickell Village was barely making it…today its one of the hottest spots to live downtown.  Its exciting to see the market has changed and not only in the big cities but also in the suburbs.  In Westchester we are starting to see the higher priced homes come on the market. Sellers are becoming more confident and buyers want to buy to take advantage of interest rates which lately are showing signs of upward movement. This upturn  has made buyers more anxious to purchase which is giving us the much needed activity we haven’t seen in years!
COMING SOON: I will be announcing Douglas Elliman’s spectacular new development projects underway in South Florida!! Hard to imagine during this heat wave but before you know it you’ll be dreaming of that sunny warm haven for you and your family. Westchester buyers if you are interested in relocating or buying a second home you will be impressed with the new projects Douglas Elliman has to offer.  Stay tuned will be keeping you informed. 
helen katz ellimanHelen Katz, who lives in Armonk with her husband and children, is a well-connected real estate veteran who has home development and construction experience in Westchester, New York City, The Hamptons and Florida. – See more at: