4 Common Reasons Couples Split (And How To Negate Them)



Getting over a breakup is never straightforward. Thankfully, it is possible as long as you understand it was for the best. But what if you don’t want to split in the first place? What if the things that encouraged you to call it a day were avoidable? Sometimes, it feels as if the only option is to see other people, which is why so many couples don’t make it. However, if you understand the common reasons why men and women aren’t compatible, you can try your best to eliminate them and stay with the person who makes you happy.


Check out the following to learn more about the reasons why relationships end.


No Individuality


Couples should spend time together. After all, it’s a bit pointless if you hardly see one another on a daily basis! Still, spending too much time in each other’s company is as destructive. Usually, it makes people feel as if they have no individuality, and that makes them feel as if they’re suffocated. If you or your partner struggle with these emotions, the only option is to find ways to spend time apart. Whether it’s going out with friends or taking up new hobbies, the absence should make your hearts grow fonder.


A Lack Of Vision


Relationships can form before you realize what has happened. Suddenly, you’re boyfriend and girlfriend, yet you haven’t spoken about your vision for the future. Although it sounds unromantic, chatting about where you plan to be in five years is essential. Otherwise, you might begin to see that you’re not on the same page as your partner, causing you to break up and find a new love interest. There’s no need to be over-committed from the beginning because it’s scary. However, setting out your plan – moving in together, etc. – isn’t over-the-top. If anything, it’s necessary.


Relying On Alcohol Too Much


Young and old like to go out for a drink and have a fantastic time. It keeps the spark alive and ensures you enjoy each other’s company without things getting stale. Sadly, couples can rely on partying too much, to the point where it becomes toxic. Okay, you or your partner might not end up in a drug and alcohol detox center anytime soon, although it is possible. Instead, you could find it tough to bond without alcohol, and that makes your relationship one-dimensional. Finding activities that don’t involve drinking will make your relationship well-rounded to the point you can be around one another regardless of the situation.


Feeling Controlled


Sometimes, a partner can take control and lead the way. For the most part, their intentions come from a good place. Still, it doesn’t prevent you from feeling as if you’re not in control. Speaking openly is the answer, even if you know it will be an awkward conversation. Of course, it’s better than growing to resent them for their actions. It goes without saying, but you must split up if they’re controlling on purpose.


Hopefully, these tips give you the tools you and your loved one need to lead a long and healthy life together!

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