Questions to Ask Equity Release Advisers


You might not have a clear idea about equity release loans yet. If you wish to get detailed information, you can ask equity release advisers. They can prepare you as you decide to take out this loan. You should determine if this loan suits you in the first place. Set up a meeting with an adviser and ask appropriate questions to help you make up your mind.

Is equity release for me?

 Advisers should be honest with you about this loan. Since it’s a secured loan, it’s not necessarily the first advisable loan. However, if your specific situation calls for equity release, the adviser will recommend it to you. Be honest about your financial situation and why you’re considering a loan right now.

Are there other options?

 If you’re not confident about equity release since you eventually have to sell your house, you can ask the advisers if there are other choices for you. Of course, they will prefer that you get equity release since it’s their expertise. However, if you’re better off with other loans, they will be honest about it.

Is it possible to repay the loan soon?

 If you want to repay the loan so that the creditor doesn’t have to sell your house when you die, it’s possible. However, there are different rules for each company. Some of them will increase the interest rate if you decide to repay sooner than later.

What happens if the property’s value is lower than the amount borrowed?

 Before, it was legal in the UK for creditors to ask the relatives to repay the loan when the person who obtained the loan died and the property wasn’t as valuable as expected. Since there’s still an amount that required payment, the relatives had to take on the burden. It’s unfair, and the government crafted a law that states there should be “no negative equity”. No one will carry the responsibility to repay the loan if the property’s value isn’t high enough to cover it.

Which is the best equity release company?

 Instead of giving you a direct response, the advisers will present you with the pros and cons of every choice. It’s up to you to choose which company would be suitable for your needs. You may also read reviews made by people who obtained loans previously to cross-check the information you got from the advisers.

It’s your choice

 Although it helps if you ask the right questions to the equity release advisers like the ones at, you will still have the final say. Take your time to decide since it’s a decision that puts your property on the line. Consult with your kids since they might disagree with this idea. They could also present you with other choices if you don’t feel comfortable with the equity release loan.

Once you decide that equity release is best for you, it’s time that you start processing your loan. Get the required application form and submit the other documents. Use the money obtained from this transaction wisely.




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