Post: The Importance Of Knowing: Why You Shouldn’t Ignore A Health Concern



Very few of us humans can honestly say that we do everything we could be doing to look after our health. Some of us will let some junk food slide here and there. Others will go light on the exercise, while more again will admit to not getting the requisite amount of sleep. In short, we all know that there are things we should be doing. We make the conscious choice to let some of them go, because we are human and we’re imperfect.


In truth, there is some common sense to being a little bit liberal with the “rules” of what we should be doing. It would be close to impossible to live the safest, cleanest life imaginable and also manage to hold down a job, pay bills and everything else. So we pick and choose what we let slide, and that’s fine up to a point, but there is one area where many of us need to reconsider. All too often, some of us will notice a health issue which could do with being addressed. For one reason or another, we let it go. Below, we will go into why that can happen, and why it shouldn’t. 


Why people ignore health issues


It’s understandable that sometimes, people choose not to check up on a health issue. Going to the doctor takes time and can cost money, and to many of us it will seem like a false economy to go and get checked out. For others, including those who may suffer with health anxiety, they may be scared of what they could find out. On the flip side of that, there will be people who are convinced that “it” is nothing. Why waste time seeing a doctor? Things will resolve themselves in time, or so goes the logic.


Why it is a bad idea to ignore them


The primary reason that you should get checked out is quite simple: yes, it might be nothing. But if it is something, it’s going to be a lot more treatable if you get out in front of it and broaden your options. In the event that it is something as serious as cancer, getting to a  proton therapy center can help you to treat the worst of it without the harsh side effects that chemotherapy will have. In the event that it is nothing, then knowing that can be vitally important. Either way, it is better than leaving things as they are and wondering.


Listen to your body


Above all else, if you are feeling pain, are excessively tired, have experienced unintentional weight loss, have lost your appetite or are feeling nauseous – and any of these conditions are persistent – your body is telling you something is up. Even if the symptom itself is something that can be resolved with over-the-counter treatments, you owe it to yourself to listen to your body and address any concerns that it is presenting. If you are concerned about cost, seek out a free clinic; they are staffed by dedicated professionals and could identify an issue that you really need to know about.


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