Car accidents are the biggest fear of driving. Even with all the ease, comfort, and time efficiency cars have provided us with, there’s always the risk of dangerous car accidents that can severely injure a person or in some cases, even prove fatal.

Below we have discussed the possible outcomes when you get injured in a car accident along with a list of potential treatments. It’s better to notice any changes in your body and deal with them as soon as possible before it gets too late to get them treated.

Broken Ribs

Due to any impact near the area of your chest, ribs can be damaged too. Ribs are a pretty brittle part of our body and can easily break if there’s a sudden impact around that region. In a car accident, you might fall on your chest or sideways that might put the ribs in an awkward position and cause them to break. It can be extremely painful and takes time to heal. They also need to be taken care of quickly, as a broken rib can likely get loose and puncture your lungs, which will most probably mean instant death.

Scratches, Scuffs, and Cuts

These are common in car accidents. Scratches, scuffs, and cuts can be caused by your body impacting or colliding with the road, your car, another car, or from loose plastic or small things which are set loose in the air.

Herniated Disc

A herniated disc; is usually caused when the vertebrates located in your spine either split, break or dislocate from its original place. A herniated disc is similar to a broken bone. However, a lot more painful and hard to recover. If not dealt with in the right and quickest manner, it can cause many complications and further intensify the pain.


Whiplash; is commonly referred to as muscle, neck, and ligament injuries. It is a result of the constant back and forth of the neck, which causes the joints to damage. This jerking of the neck is frequent in accidents and can cause long-lasting strains too. Also, in car accidents, when your body and reflexes move faster than they are supposed to, your muscles, tissues, and ligaments can tear and suffer. The recovery process of this is very time-consuming, and the pain is very intense.

Head Injuries

With sudden impacts suffered in accidents, head injuries are a very common and dangerous ordeal. Head injuries need to be taken care of instantly because if they’re left untreated they can cause complications such as sleep deprivation, constant headaches, lower brain sharpness, and problems in the functioning of the brain. Brain injuries are not easily diagnosable, and you may have to stay alert of any visible changes in the brain. The treatment of such injuries is lengthy and needs a lot of consideration.

Knee Trauma

When involved in a collision, Knee trauma is a common injury for the driver and the person sitting in the front seat. When a car collides with something, the knees of those sitting in front directly smash into the dashboard, which can cause a fracture in the knee cap or cause extreme pain around that region. Knee trauma can limit a person’s movement and can cause extreme pain even when standing up or walking for a bit.

Internal Bleeding

Internal Bleeding can occur as a result of any impact that causes a blood vessel in your body to burst open. Internal Bleeding can cause clots in your body, which will limit the blood passage. Blood clotting is dangerous as the organs in our body need a sufficient supply of blood to function appropriately. Internal Bleeding can have life-threatening effects, and it’s best to get it treated instantly. If not treated, it can make one’s body quite unhealthy and lethargic.

Other Broken Bones

A car accident puts unfathomable amounts of force on your body, which can cause various bones in your body to break. These include the bones of the hip, hands, legs, shoulder, and anywhere else. Broken bone causes a lot of pain and inconvenience, and if not dealt with, can puncture something in your body. Shoulder pain after a car accident is a common reality that can either be caused by a muscle pull or a dislocated shoulder.
Broken bones require special care to bring them back to a normal condition. So if you have shoulder pain after car accident, then you should consult an expert right away.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders and Psychological Pain

Accidents can be very emotionally straining. Not all injuries are physically visible, some are psychological and mental too. A person involved in a recent car accident might still have fear in their hearts and minds that might make daily tasks jarring and troublesome for them. A car accident survivor can also go through psychological pains such as guilt. Guilt can be due to many reasons, such as having thoughts that a slightly better action could’ve prevented the accident.


The first thing you should do is wear a seatbelt and observe all traffic guidelines religiously because they exist for a reason. One cannot control other drivers but, one can save themselves and others from harm by driving under the speed limit.

Also, you should always keep your car in good shape with regular maintenance so that it works smoothly and does not stop in the middle of the road that may cause accidents.


The injuries mentioned above are just an overview of the possible outcomes that may arise when you get injured in a car accident. However, there are many other injuries with varying degrees of pain and inconvenience which a person can suffer during a car accident. It’s always best to get yourself checked by a doctor after being involved in a car accident. An early diagnosis could potentially save you from regrets later.

It’s best to diligently go through treatment plans and select the best one for yourself. A quick recovery is crucial otherwise, the damage could stay permanent and could potentially cause other kinds of complications, which will further increase the pain.