Perks of Having a Lawn as Your Wedding Venue

As soon as the wedding date is locked, the first thing that couples rush to do is to book a wedding venue. Whether you agree or not, but wedding venues play a colossal role in making or breaking your wedding function.

When it comes to selecting a wedding venue, there is no dearth of choices among the individuals. From spacious wedding lawns to lavish hotels, ravishing banquet halls, uber cool resorts, modern-day couples have the privilege to pick from the exhilarating choices of wedding venues.

But when you have so many options to choose from, it will surely going to boggle your mind.  A wedding venue should be selected on the basis of guest size, location, parking space, date, budget, and style and theme of the wedding. If you want all these attributes in a one single venue type then, none of the options come as close as to the wedding lawns.

In this post, we are going to state various perks of having wedding lawns in gurugram as your wedding venue. Let’s check out the advantages –


  1. Spacious

Do you have the list of 2,000 guest’s to come to your wedding function? No need to worry, if you select the lawn as your wedding venue. An average wedding lawn is quite spacious and can accommodate a couple of thousands of individuals seamlessly at a time. It means you don’t have to worry a bit about how all the guests will fit your wedding function.

 Free to Choose Any Decoration Theme

You can experiment like crazy with the wedding decoration when you have a lawn as the wedding venue. From the fancy to the minimal decoration, Bollywood movies inspired decor, grand wedding stage decor, using chic lights at the venue, you can try all of these things when you choose lawn as the wedding venue.

  1. Parking Space

In typical Indian weddings, the biggest hurdle in front of the wedding guest’s is to find a parking spot at the wedding location. Hopping from one spot to another to find a parking space is not only super-irritating but also a big turn off. Wedding lawns come with ample of parking space which means your guests will enter the wedding function in a cheerful mood.

  1. Cost-Effective

If you compare the average cost of the top-notch hotels and wedding lawns, you will find an astronomical difference between the cost differences. A fully-fledged and amenities packed wedding lawn cost way less than a top-notch for the wedding function. You can dwindle the wedding budget manifold times by choosing the lawn as your wedding venue. That money you can utilize in other aspects of the wedding planning and make the event more stellar.

  1. Unmatched Ambiance

Nothing can beat the ambiance of a well-decorated and well-groomed wedding lawn. As soon as the evening approaches and the chic lights get turns on, the whole venue gets flooded with the inexplicable charm and looks more astonishing.

  1. Best for Snapping Photographs

When you choose the lawn to tie the wedding knot, you also get plenty of picturesque locations to click the amazing wedding photographs. Unlike the pre-wedding photography, there is no need to pay a single dime to take pictures near the natural locations. Just select the spot and click as many pictures as you can.

  1. Space to Breathe

Even a wedding venue with average space looks quite small when it is packed with guests. Many individuals are claustrophobic. They don’t feel comfortable to stand at confined spaces. Wedding lawns encompass enough space to move and breathe comfortably which means people with claustrophobia don’t have to take the stress and can savor the wedding function.

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