Painting Your Home: DIY or Hire a Pro?

Every home or condo owner has looked around their home and thought it can use some changes in terms of the decoration. A fresh coat of paint can revitalize a boring home and a drastic change in color choice can make your living space feel brand new. However, before undertaking a big painting project you need to ask yourself should you do it yourself or hire professionals such as the pros at

Before you decide to take on a painting project on your own you should always consider the following.


An important step in successfully painting a room (or the entire house) is proper preparation. Preparing your home for painting can include:

  • Covering and if possible moving furniture. Some furniture may be too heavy or inconvenient to move, so it will have to be expertly covered to prevent paint splatter.
  • Removing other possessions such as electronics.
  • Using painter’s tape to protect power outlets, window frames, and other interior decorations that aren’t meant to be painted.
  • The walls themselves have to be prepared because imperfections such as holes drilled to hang pictures will have to be fixed, shelving removed, and any accidental damage will have to be repaired as well.
  • Removing any wallpaper or other additions to the walls.

This can be quite a time-consuming process especially if you are unfamiliar with it. A professional painter has done this numerous times and will be able to prepare your home for painting quickly and effectively.

Timeframe and Expenses

In addition to the preparation time, you have to remember the time associated with just the painting itself. Painting a room is not just one coat of paint there are many steps involved. You have to apply primer, several coats of paint, and a paint finish. This can take far more time for a do-it-yourself painter versus a professional that paints homes for a living. There are also the expenses to consider like the various types of paint, several types of brushes and other miscellaneous tools that are not cheap and costs can quickly add up when doing it on you’re own.

Experience Counts

Experience is hard to place a value on, and it can prove invaluable for a good paint job. Painting is a very precise skill and a professional will know the correct methods and techniques to do the job properly. With a professional, you know the work quality will be higher and the result more pleasing to the eye. Also, a professional can advise on important design choices such as the shade of paint you’re using which can avoid issues such as accidentally picking a paint that’s too light or too dark.

Final Thoughts

When choosing between DIY or hiring a professional it is always important to keep the goals of your project in mind. While doing, it yourself looks like a faster and cheaper option that is not always the case. Issues such as underestimating the scope of the project, having to redo steps due to a lack of experience, and mistakes such as picking the wrong paint can make a painting project more time-consuming and expensive than you first thought. With a professional, you know the work will be done correctly and on schedule.