Pack Smart: 8 of the Best Travel Gadgets For Tech-Savvy Globetrotters

Pack Smart: 8 of the Best Travel Gadgets For Tech-Savvy Globetrotters

So, traveling may be postponed for a little while, but that can’t stop you from planning ahead! Here are the best travel gadgets to get your hands on in 2020.


Are you an avid traveler who’s looking to step up your globetrotting game with the right travel gadgets?

Well, we’ve got good news for you- there are plenty of useful travel gadgets out there that can make your travel experience more seamless and enjoyable.

Which ones should you be investing in?

Check out this guide to discover the best travel gadgets for tech-savvy globetrotters.

1. AirPods 

Airpods are one of the best travel gadgets out there. They hit the scene a few years ago, but for those who don’t know, AirPods are wireless earbuds created by Apple.

As a traveler, you already know that you can’t leave for a trip without earbuds/headphones. Why we suggest opting for AirPods instead of regular earbuds is because of their size and quality.

As we said, AirPods are wireless, and they can easily be tucked into your carry-on bag without taking up hardly any room. Additionally, you can connect your AirPods to your other devices without having the devices on your lap or immediately next to you.

This means that you can snooze and listen to music on your phone during your flight while having your phone safely tucked away in your backpack. You can also connect your AirPods to your iPad or Macbook. You can click here to learn how to connect AirPods to Macbook.

2. Power Bank 

If you’ve ever experienced your phone dying on you in a new city while trying to navigate directions, then a power bank is the travel gadget for you.

A power bank is a portable battery that allows you to charge your electronics on the go. Some power banks come with mini cords that allow you to plug your various electronics right in. Other power banks are designed for specific products, so you can simply press your device against the power bank to charge it.

The great thing about power banks is that they come with an extensive battery life before needing to be recharged. Some power banks can charge your devices hundreds of times before needing a reboot.

3. Universal Adapter 

If you’re traveling overseas, then a universal adapter is an absolute must.

When shopping for a universal adapter, we suggest going for an all-in-one option. With an all-in-one universal adapter, you’ll be able to plug your devices in any outlet in the world.

If you’re going on a multi-country tour, this saves you from having to lug around a bunch of different adapters for each country. These universal adapters also come with a plugin for your home country, which can be handy should you ever lose your regular charger at home.

4. Noise-Canceling Headphones 

Once you experience the magic of noise-canceling headphones, you’ll never go back to any other type of headphone ever again.

Whether you’re in for a long flight, sleeping in a noisy hostel, or working remotely at a bustling cafe on the other side of the world, noise-canceling headphones are an absolute must.

No longer will your sleep be disturbed by chatty passengers, crying babies, or any other unpleasant noises that come with traveling!

5. Weatherproof Phone Case 

Breaking your phone while on the road can be a huge nightmare.

One of the best ways to protect your phone from damage while traveling is to invest in a weatherproof case. With a weatherproof case, your phone is protected from water damage.

Some weatherproof cases are so strong that you can even take them underwater! Additionally, most weatherproof cases are impact-resistant. This means you can drop your phone from a certain height without doing any damage to it.

6. Kindle/Nook 

Whether you’re going on a weeklong vacation or a six-month backpacking trip through Europe, the goal is to always save as much room your suitcase as possible.

Buying a Nook/Kindle is a great way to save room in your luggage. With limited space in your luggage, it can be difficult to justify packing multiple books for your trip. But, if you’re an avid vacation reader, it can also be very hard to decide which books to bring with you and which ones to leave behind.

The great thing about a Nook/Kindle is that you never have to make this decision. Nooks and Kindles are lightweight devices that allow you to buy digital copies of books with the press of a button.

Additionally, these devices make it easier for you to read in strong light. Plus, when you finish your book, you don’t need to hunt down a bookstore in your new destination. Instead, you can just browse your device for a new read.

7. Mobile Hotspot 

Depending on what type of data plan you have, a mobile hotspot can be a very useful device when traveling internationally.

These devices broadcast a dependable and secure WiFi signal that you can use in any country. This means that you don’t need to deal with the hassle of buying a SIM card or logging onto sketchy public WiFi networks.

8. Smart Suitcases 

A few years ago, the idea of technology and suitcases intersecting may have sounded ludicrous.

Nowadays, smart suitcases are starting to become the norm. While these devices are still in their early stages, they can already do some pretty amazing things.

Most smart suitcases come with USB connections that allow you to charge all of your devices. This means you no longer have to cram next to a bunch of strangers to use the airport charging outlets!

Additionally, smart suitcases come with microchips that allow you to track your luggage. If you’re worried about your luggage getting lost, this can provide some major peace of mind.

Are You Ready to Buy These Travel Gadgets? 

Now that you know about the best travel gadgets, it’s time to start making your purchases. Pretty soon, you’ll be the most tech-savvy globetrotter out there.

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