Outside the Lines Explores the Meaning of Heritage


Outside the Lines Consulting is proud to partner with Chashama on a new exhibition in New York City entitled Outside the Lines.
Outside the Lines is a multimedia collection of works curated by Carol S. Ward that examines the intersection of a person’s heritage, their current physical location, and their personality in creating their artwork. The interplay between the past and the present will be explored as artists think about where they came from and where they are now in the fabric of New York City.
The concept of heritage is explored through images involving religious beliefs, personal loss and grief, the history of New York City, thoughts on living through the current pandemic, and consumer culture.

Artists Nelson Alvarez, Franck De Las Mercedes, Andrea Arroyo, Felipe Galindo, Brionna Martinez, and Skip Brea present a wide variety of subject matter and media to speak their narratives to the viewer.

Exhibition Opening Reception – March 5th, 2021
RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/outside-the-lines-exhibition-opening-tickets-142542764245
21 Greenwich Ave, New York NY
Exhibition on View Through March 29th
Viewing Hours – Wednesday through Sunday, 12pm-6pm
Images (Courtesy of Outside The Lines Consulting)

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