Outdoor Travel tips – 4 mistakes … first-time travelers make

With the noise of the fast – paced city life and the stress levels that come with it, more people are increasingly turning to backpacking and hiking as outlets for the burn – out, for relaxation as well as a opportunities to discover the wonders of the outdoor world and get in touch with nature.

For a beginner, venturing out into the world away from the mundane routines of daily life may seem exciting. However, there are a few crucial mistakes that need to be avoided, if you want to have a fun and relaxing experience. These include:


Over packing


This is probably the most common mistake that novice hikers make and it cannot be understated enough. Backpacking is no fun when you’re forced to drag yourself on long trails under the weight of all the unnecessary things you have carried. Your backpack should ideally be limited to the essentials: some food, water, a few clothes and a sleeping bag or tent. All those magazines and books you’re tempted to carry will probably not be read, so keep it simple. So, see more backpacks in the market and choose the best one which can carry all of your essentials.


Not Having a Water Plan


Backpacking is a strenuous activity, given all the weight you have to carry around on your trail. Getting dehydrated is almost inevitable under these circumstances, and not having enough supplies of water or not knowing where to refill can turn a good backpacking adventure into a nightmarish ordeal. Make sure you know where to get water in case you run out of your supply.


Paying Little Attention to The Weather


Even if you’re going backpacking on a clear sunny day, it is very important that you bring along warm clothing and even a raincoat if possible. Weather can be very unpredictable, and the last thing you want during your hiking adventure with friends is to get a serious flu or cold due to extreme weather. You will most likely slow down the entire party and might not have the best experience yourself. Even if the weather fails to change and pose a problem, you can still benefit from warm clothing at night when temperatures are bound to drop drastically.


Not Having A Map


This applies mainly to those who go backpacking in unfamiliar territory. If you’re going backpacking in a rainforest without a guide, make sure you have a map of the terrain or a G P S (Global Positioning System) – enabled device that can lead you through the thick of it. However, it is important to note that even the maps in use could be a little deceiving. Most routes and distances on the map might be close to real but the terrain and the ground soil structure is never assured. Being flexible allows you to accommodate both good and bad in equal measure


Steering clear of these four common mistakes should give you a pretty wonderful and very memorable hiking experience, whether you prefer to go at it alone or with a group of close friends.


Author Bio:

This is a guest post from Stella and she writes for staplesearch.com. She is a passionate green-enthusiast, loves gardening and writing is her hobby.