Did you know that pretzels have become so popular, the average American eats two pounds of pretzels each year! And whether you prefer them soft, crunchy, or drizzled in chocolate– April 26 is the day to celebrate the pretzel. And Sugar Plum is here to help you do just that!

Chocolate Pretzel Passion Gift Assortment

The combination of chocolate and pretzels has existed for centuries for good reason! Sugar Plum’s Chocolate Pretzel Passion Gift Assortment includes a variety of twenty-two pieces of assorted chocolate-dipped pretzels, including pretzel logs covered in chocolate candy pieces, chocolate sandwich cookie logs, double chocolate chip pretzels, nonpareil pretzels, M&M pretzels, and pretzels dipped in our signature milk, dark, and white chocolates with even more chocolate drizzled on top. Retails: $49.00.


Chocolate-Covered Pretzels (Box of 12)

Using Sugar Plum’s location advantage in choosing only the freshest and finest in Pennsylvania-made pretzels, these chocolate-covered pretzels present a unique blend of crunchiness, saltiness, sweetness, and savoriness that stands uncontested against all chocolate-covered confections. Available in Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, or Triple Assortment, each box includes 12 total pretzels ready to be snapped up and snacked on! Retails: $25.00


All of Sugar Plum’s delicious gourmet treats are lovingly handcrafted and made from their bakery and kitchen in Kingston, PA, by mother and son team Fran and Neil Edley.

As they say, food is the ingredient that binds us together. These decadent, mouthwatering confections make for truly special gifts!

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