NYC Neighborhoods Celebs Wanted to Leave Behind in 2023

Data reveals the neighborhoods in NYC losing celebrity appeal


  • New research shows the NYC areas where celebrities want to relocate from.
  • Upper West Side is most impacted, with eight celebrities currently listing their homes for sale in the area.
  • Central Park West follows closely, with seven celebrities actively attempting to sell their properties since January.


Newly released data unveils the neighborhoods in New York City where celebrities are looking to relocate, with the Upper West Side being vacated the most.


The research, conducted by sweepstake casino Vegas Gems, gathered data from every celebrity real estate report since January 2023, tracking the property relocations of over 370 A-listers across the United States. The analysis discovered the New York City areas that are experiencing lower demand in the luxury real estate market.


Upper West Side, renowned for its cultural richness and timeless charm, appears to show a trend of residents moving away from its famous beachfront allure. Formerly home to stars like Dikembe Mutombo and Suzanne Vegas, this year has seen several celebrities choosing to relocate elsewhere. Amy Schumer, for instance, made headlines in April by completing the sale of her glass-walled penthouse for $13 million. Additionally, notable figures such as Victoria Tennant, Mark Thompson, and Joel Meyerowitz are among the eight celebrities attempting to offload their Upper West Side residences and explore other living options.


The top NYC neighborhoods areas celebrities are relocating from:


Area Houses Sold Houses on Market Total
Upper West Side 3 5 8
Central Park West 4 3 7
Greenwich Village 2 3 5
Upper East Side 1 3 4
Chelsea 0 3 3


Stretching alongside Central Park, Central Park West has traditionally drawn an exclusive community lured by timeless buildings and luxury living. However, many celebrities, including mega-stars like David Duchovny, Tony Shalhoub, and Susan Weber, have sold their Central Park West properties since January. The listed prices for these residences range anywhere from $3 million to $20.5 million. Notably, Annie Leibovitz, Georgina Bloomberg, and Jim Grant also currently have their properties listed on the market.


Moving south, Greenwich Village has seen five celebrities selling off their properties this past year. Nestled against the backdrop of the Hudson River, recent reports indicate that Noah Emmerich, Brian De Palma, Rob Marshall and John DeLuca are currently transitioning away from coastal living. Mukesh Ambani was reported in August selling his luxurious $9 million condo, with John Kortajarena offloading his pad for $1.1 million in May.


Over on the Upper East Side, this neighborhood has also witnessed the departure of four A-listers from their properties. Tamara Mellon released her penthouse for $19.25 million in March, with personalities such as Rudy Giuliani, Larry Robbins, and Frédéric Fekkai actively seeking buyers for their Upper East Side properties.


Rounding out the top five, reports indicate that another three celebrities seek to distance themselves from Chelsea. Celebrities including Mike Myers, Ai Weiwei, and William Wegman have all been found listing their properties this year.


Commenting on the research, a spokesperson for Vegas Gems said, “In the evolving landscape of the entertainment industry, celebrities are also changing their property mindsets. Introducing new measures, such as increased focus on privacy, sustainable living, and a desire for larger homes, is potentially slowing down celebrities’ real estate portfolios.


With New York neighborhoods listing properties at an average of $9.8 million, the research may suggest that celebrities are looking to explore other areas in the city, particularly those showing evidence of a price decline, such as Midtown East or Downtown Brooklyn.”