Non-traditional Ways to Support A Grieving Friend or Relative

One of the hardest moments in life is the emptiness and loneliness left behind by the loss of a loved one. It is during these difficult times when you feel that there’s nothing you can do to heal or ease the heartache of the bereaved individuals. However, it is imperative to note that it is during these difficult and trying times that the impression of a kind and caring gesture is felt most deeply. This is why at, we provide an array of gift baskets to help our clients show their compassion, unity, care, and warmth during these trying times. For many years, there have been some conventional methods used by people to express their love, care, and support to the bereaved. These include sending flowers, writing a condolence letter, attending funeral arrangements, and ceremony, among others. Flowers have been the go-to gifts during grieving as they symbolize life, express love, and add beauty to the sad mood. Times are changing, and below are some of the non-traditional ways to support a grieving friend or relative.

Gift Cards

It is no doubt that gift cards are the new sympathy cards. As technology advances and people grow apart from each other, the traditional gesture of delivering homemade food to a grieving person is slowly being replaced by gift cards. There are millions of people out there already using meal-delivery apps, which are more comfortable and convenient to use. For instance, Americans spent $18.5 billion on food delivery services in 2018 alone. These food delivery services or applications also eliminate the issue of dietary restrictions. Not all people know that you are a vegan or allergic to some types of foods.

Offering Self-Care Items

In most cases, self-care is the last thing on the mind of someone going through the trying times of grieving and burying a loved one. The bereaved use all the energy in processing their emotions and receiving the guests trickling in. It is for this reason that self-care gifts make the ideal and practical sympathy gift. A carefully selected self-care gift makes all the difference. It is, therefore, imperative to learn more about the preferences of the receiver. Some of the ordinary gifts include bed and bath items, a vacation opportunity, travel set, or meditation, and relaxation gifts, among others.

A message Jar

Different people have different grief journeys. Message jars comprise a jar with 31 notes with encouraging words in different sizes and colors. Although the message jar can take more time to complete, they will offer encouragement to the grieving friend or relative for a more extended period. Essentially, the friend or relative will have a whole month’s worth of support and comfort from you.


Offering to help the bereaved friend or family member take care of the kids for the evenings is one of the most practical gifts you can give to a grieving family. Adults will need time to think and process these overwhelming emotions, which can be hard with the children around the much-needed alone time can be a rejuvenating gift.

At Gift Tree, they are aware of the changing times and the modern or practical gifts that you can offer a grieving friend or relative in this age and era. Check out their website and gifts section to find more about some of the non-traditional sympathy gifts.