3 Skin Care Secrets You Aren’t Supposed to Know: Insider Scoop From a Board Certified Dermatologist

As a consultant for some of the leading skin care companies on the
market, I am privy to the good, the bad, and the ugly. Approaching a
cosmetic counter can be a very confusing, and sometimes overwhelming,
experience no matter where you are: a local pharmacy, a Sephora, or an
upscale department store. Let me be your insider guide, and share 3
secrets your cosmetics salesgirl may not want you to know:

1. Organic is not necessarily better. In fact, many times I see
patients who have allergic and irritant reactions to organic
ingredients. Naturally-derived ingredients may not be “organic,” but
they are often improved upon in the lab.. making them SAFER and more

2. Drug store brands are often more effective than luxury brands.
Companies like Neutrogena, RoC, and Olay often put more money and time
into research to make sure their products deliver what they promise on
the label. Many times the more upscale “boutique” brands spend more
money on marketing and packaging than on the science to back their
products’ efficacy.


3. Exfoliating scrubs are not meant to be used every day. They can be
too harsh, creating micro-tears in the skin. If you use a motorized
face brush or an exfoliating pad or scrub, try to do so only twice a




WHITNEY FLTC 4959Dr. Whitney Bowe
Board Certififed Dermatologist in NYC and Westchester
Assistant Medical Director for Cosmetic & Laser Services: Advanced
Dermatology PC (Westchester, NY)