Must-Have Items for Hosting an Outdoor Party

Must-Have Items for Hosting an Outdoor Party

Planning a party is a fun and grueling experience. When the day comes, you’ll be ready to roll and enjoy yourself. Until then, you might be second-guessing your decisions every hour. Regardless of how deep into the planning phase you are, you cannot forget these must-have items for hosting an outdoor party.

Renting Tents and Chairs

A big outdoor extravaganza can go south quickly if you don’t rent any tents. Summer weather is unpredictable, especially when the entire day calls for a 50 percent chance of thunderstorms. It’s not worth rolling the dice in hopes that the rain disappears.

Renting tents allows you and the rest of your partygoers to seek shelter if it drizzles. Tents are adequate when there’s a steady sprinkle; however, you probably shouldn’t count on them during a severe storm.

Additionally, most people can relate to having no place to sit. It’s a miserable experience that can put a damper on the evening. Even if you have a nice collection of lawn furniture for a few friends, renting additional chairs will give your friends and family more seating options.

Making the Menu

What good is a backyard soiree if there isn’t scrumptious food and delightful drinks for everyone? Every backyard party must have all the best foods and beverages to have a good time.

For the most part, any traditional BBQ items will suffice regarding food. However, you want to cater drinks to the audience’s preferences. An open bar makes the most sense if it’s a childless shindig. An open bar isn’t the best strategy if it’s a family event, though, so make sure you have plenty of sodas and juices available for the kiddos.

Oh, and don’t forget the utensils. Eating chicken wings and corn on the cob may work fine with your bare hands, but things like a garden salad or a pasta dish can be problematic.

Are You Not Entertained?

As nice as it is to make small talk with guests, there should be more entertainment options than that. The most common form of entertainment for a backyard party is music. It can be as simple as getting a nice portable speaker and a curated playlist that pleases most folks there.

No Bugs Allowed

Steamy night weather can become more uncomfortable because it brings in icky bugs that will pester you. The smell of bug spray is enough to make anyone gag, so finding an alternative is a better idea. A bug zapper-type mechanism will work wonders, assuming you equip it with the most bug-deterrent light source. Doing so should keep them at a reasonable range and prevent them from wreaking havoc.

When your party planning commences, you will want to double-check your list to see if you have all of the must-have items for hosting an outdoor party. You will want to host a party that’s the talk of the town, but that won’t be the case if you don’t account for these items.