MITZVAH DAY on May 5th | Building Community One Act of Love at a Time


 MITZVAH DAY | Building Community One Act of Love at a Time

Jewish Center of the Hamptons | May 5 at 9:45am (rain date, May 19)


Bringing people together to build a community through acts of caring and compassion are core values of the Jewish Center of the Hamptons and the heart of Mitzvah Day. ‘Mitzvah’ is the Hebrew word for good deed. On May 5, from 9:45am–12:00pm, at 44 Woods Lane, East Hampton, we will celebrate this annual event by performing activities to help those in need. People of all ages and faiths are welcome to participate in this community outreach effort.  

The inspiration for Mitzvah Day is to help less-fortunate individuals in our area, while providing an opportunity for volunteers of all ages to experience the joy and reward of helping others. Join us for a day of volunteerism, activism, and unity through thoughtful acts of kindness, including:


Our community garden offers families the opportunity to pick their own vegetables, herbs, and berries. Each year we must remove old plants, till the soil, and plant a new crop. Learn about what it means to be stewards of the earth (shomrei adama), and join us as we bring our garden back to life.


You will have an opportunity to directly support families in our community by donating to Big Brothers Big Sisters. Teaching the importance of donating your lightly used clothing to those in need instills the lessons of compassion for those less fortunate.


Main Beach is a precious East Hampton resource. To help keep our beaches clean and safe from debris, we’ll round out the day by tending to its beautification as we look forward to summer days and Shabbat on the Beach.



Jewish Center of the Hamptons regularly collects non-perishable foods to donate to those within our community who are in need. Participants can learn the value of helping those less fortunate by searching their cupboards for items to bring for our donation, including: canned beans; dry beans; peanut butter, or other nut butters; rolled oats; canned fruit, not in light or heavy syrup; canned vegetables, with no or low-sodium; low-sodium soups; canned tuna in water; canned chicken; brown rice; quinoa nuts; unsalted seeds; unsalted, shelf stable milk and milk substitutes; whole grain pasta; low-sodium pasta sauce; canned stews; unsweetened apple sauce; whole grain, low-sugar cold cereals; olive or canola oil; canned tomatoes; dried fruits and honey.

To volunteer on Mitzvah Day, please visit us at



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