Minimalist Luxury

People used to think luxury meant comfort, indulgence and exclusivity. Luxury brands were those that had been around for years, marked by their quality and workmanship but also by their lavish prices. It seems that the days of over-consumption are over; today, many people are embracing a minimalist lifestyle. Yet that does not mean you have to go without luxury. You may not want many things, but what you have should be the best.

Luxury Real Estate

You have to live somewhere, so why not live well? Some regions have dozens or even hundreds of luxury properties, many at relatively affordable prices. A good agent for luxury real estate Austin, Texas will have numerous properties at a range of price points. One exceptional aspect of luxury homes Austin is that they often include amenities such as private pools and magnificent landscaping. Moreover, you can choose a maintenance-free condominium or have a mansion on acres of your own private property. Do not think luxury living is for homeowners only; renters can find apartments renowned for their upscale features, prestigious addresses and magnificent views.

Exciting Travel

As wonderful as your home may be, you do not want to stay there all the time. Being free to travel when and where you want is a luxury many only dream about. While luxury travel used to imply first-class air travel and five-star hotels, today the definition has broadened considerably. For some, luxury accommodations might mean a tent in the African savannah; for others, it may entail a farmhouse in Tuscany. One common trait is personalization — only you can decide what luxury is to you. Group tours and pre-set itineraries rarely offer you the authentic experiences and life enrichment that tailored travel experiences can.

Free Time

What could possibly be more luxurious than being able to do what you want to with your time? Nothing. All the fancy cars, gorgeous handbags and sparkling jewels mean nothing if you are always rushed, or being pushed to do things you do not want to do. Time is perhaps the most limited resource in the world, and therefore the most valuable. Recent studies show that, when it comes to overall life satisfaction, time scarcity may have a greater effect than a lack of money. Wealthy people are increasingly spending their money on time-saving products and services, and often feel most satisfied with purchases that give them increased free time. Being able to spend time doing what is most meaningful to you is an essential extravagance. In the end, luxury is a state of mind.