Messages from Heaven with Spiritual Medium Anna Raimondi

Connect with your loved ones on the other side via renowned medium Anna Raimondi, a regular guest on the Dr. Oz Show.


The energy of her group readings tend to be light hearted, joyful and healing.  If you have been curious about mediumship, this is a wonderful opportunity to experience its magic in a safe group environment.  Or maybe you will experience a message from the other side ….


For tickets:


$55 early bird

$75 meet and greet (includes priority seating and a personal introduction to Anna after the group reading)


 I had paid a visit to Anna myself.  This is what I posted back in 2009.   I have seen her several times since then.



When I first meet Anna and had a reading I was a skeptic.Yesterday, I made my way up to Wilton Ct, to have a “reading” with Anna Raimondi . Usually, I am not a believer in these sort of things, but this time I think I have stumbled on the real deal. I would describe Anna as a contemporary. Anna Raimondi lives a very typical life. . Because she is a healer, she said, the spirits who come through her in readings usually emerge with the purpose to heal her clients. Anna would be someone I would chose as a friend, a very gifted friend.


Before my reading, Anna meditated . Of course, I am not really sure what that means. Like I said, I was skeptical. Then she takes detailed notes. Most of what she says is relevant. She knew about my mother being “tough”. That must be where I get my edge from. She was able to identify random thing about my past, such as family dinners. Anna knew that I hadn’t been visiting my relatives and suggested I should. My relatives , the dead ones , suggested I start walking and also learn to spend some time alone. I guess they are right. She knew that I was grappling with my decision about what to do for the summer. Anna even knew that I have been looking at stone. My husband and I have been in the midst of redoing our pool patio and have visited several establishments. I prefer looking at diamonds but for now quartzite will have to do for now.


I left my session Anna’s feeling a renewed sense of clarity and focus, but still wanting to hear more.But maybe that’s just me always wanting more.



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